Mountain boots

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Versatile mountain boots for your outdoor sporting activities

Whether on rocky cliffs, steep mountain slopes or rugged hiking trails: high-quality mountain boots are a reliable partner for your outdoor sports activities when it comes to reliably accompanying you on your hikes, trekking tours or alpine ascents and protecting you from injuries. An optimal mountain boot is characterised by a good fit, first-class material workmanship, a profiled outsole and a padded shaft that offers you comfortable support on your tours.In the online shop of you will not only find functional hiking shoes but also super comfortable mountain shoes for women as well as Mountain shoes for men, with which you dare to take on new sporting challenges.Find out now how you, as an outdoor activist, can benefit from the many years of experience in hiking and climbing shoe production of well-known brands such as Lowa or Hanwag and what is important when buying high-quality hiking boots.

High-quality mountain boots for any terrain

With a high-quality mountain boot, it's easy for you to climb the highest peaks on earth.When the trails become steep and the air becomes noticeably thinner, you truly appreciate the quality of optimal hiking boots on your alpine tour.Because mountain boots only really feel at home in the mountains, where they provide the necessary grip on rough terrain such as gravel and scree and thus bring you safely to your destination.Depending on the prevailing terrain, it is particularly important to choose a suitable mountain boot that ideally meets your sporting requirements.

The following applies: The higher you venture and the more uneven the ground, the sturdier your footwear should be.

While light trekking shoes are designed more for leisurely hikes through woods and meadows, sturdy mountain boots with a high shaft and a robust treaded outsole prove to be the ideal choice for alpine ascents.In the online shop of you will find high-quality hiking boots for men and women that meet your expectations of a professional hiking boot in every respect.Find out more about our variety of brands and the different models that await you here.

The Hanwag mountain boot: Bavarian hiking boots of traditional manufacture

The traditional Bavarian brand Hanwag has been around since 1921, when the company's father Hans Wagner realised his dream of manufacturing high-quality hiking boots in the small town of Vierkirchen near Munich.Based on time-honoured craftsmanship, functional trekking and mountain boots have been produced there for over a hundred years, which will impress you as a hiker, alpinist or trekker with their long-lasting quality.A Hanwag mountain boot goes through many different stages in its manufacturing process.Experienced shoemakers and designers put their hands to every single model during production, using sophisticated techniques such as pinched or goat-sewn construction, which make the traditional brand's mountain boots particularly durable, robust and, above all, suitable for multiple soling.Since no two feet are alike, the shoe developers place special emphasis on an individual fit when manufacturing the mountain boots for men and women, making each shoe a true masterpiece.

Lowa mountain boots: tradition and innovation for one hundred years

Based in the Bavarian town of Jetzendorf, the Lowa Bergschuh brand has stood for tradition and innovation since 1923, when Lorenz Wagner, the son of a shoemaker and brother of Hans Wagner, founded the shoe manufacturing company.As an enthusiastic shoemaker and passionate tinkerer, Lorenz first devoted himself to the production of typical regional oatmeal shoes, which soon went down in history as timeless classics.Numerous years and many further developments later, the manufacturer's wide range of innovative mountain shoes includes versatile outdoor shoes as well as individual hiking, trekking and mountain bike shoes for almost every sport that can be practised in the great outdoors.You can also get Lowa mountain boots for men and women, which you can test for their alpine suitability immediately after purchase in the company's own test centres, mountain schools and climbing halls.

Mountain boots from Meindl: specialist for first-class mountain and hiking boots

As a long-standing specialist for outdoor, sports and alpine shoes, the shoe manufacturer Meindl has been offering universal hiking and mountain boots for men and women since its historical foundation by the shoemaker Petrus Meindl at the end of the 17th century.From the so-called lightwalker to the hiker and trekking classic to the ultimate high mountain boot, the range of the mountain boot manufacturer based in Kirchanschöring, Bavaria, includes differently constructed Meindl mountain boots for diverse areas of application.Whether it's a leisurely stroll, an easy hike, a demanding trekking tour or risky ice climbing: Meindl mountain boots are the right choice for both active recreational and seasoned professional athletes.Different product worlds, including the themes of mountain and hiking, multifunction and leisure or tradition and oats, make the selection easier and allow you to find the right model for your sport.

Now mountain boots in hiking online shop

In order to find the ideal mountain boot for men or women when buying your new mountain boots, we recommend taking a closer look at our different categories.In the online shop, you will not only find high-quality mountain boots for men and women that are ideal for climbing steep mountain slopes, but also many other outdoor shoes such as hiking shoes, Nordic walking shoes, trail running shoes and trekking shoes.Even the little ones are perfectly equipped for the next family trip to the mountains with our custom-fit outdoor shoes, trekking sandals and winter boots for children.Thanks to this enormous selection, you have the option of adding exactly the right shoe model to your hiking, trekking or mountaineering equipment that will guide you safely over winding paths, sophisticated trekking routes or demanding climbs.In addition to hiking and mountain boots from well-known manufacturers that will reliably take on any of your adventures, in the "Accessories" category you will find revitalising products for comprehensive body care as well as robust laces and helpful shoe care products that will ensure that your sporting ambitions take place in optimal conditions.Discover our wide range of shoes, products and brands that invite you to take your outdoor activities to the next level.