Ladies Waterproof Shoes

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Waterproof shoes for women - for outdoor fun in wind and weather

As an outdoor fan, you won't let rain or snow stop you from going outside and having a great time on a walk or hiking tour. The ideal companion for excursions in all weather conditions are waterproof shoes for women. The special thing about them is that their integrated Gore-Tex membrane keeps your feet reliably dry in rain showers, snow and slush, and also pleasantly warm if necessary.And you can do this without breaking a sweat, because the high breathability of the membrane enables a permanent exchange of air, which keeps your feet pleasantly fresh from the first step until you reach your goal.Discover in the shop of hiking now weatherproof women's shoes for a wide range of activities and in many appealing designs.These include affordable top models from outdoor brands such as adidas, Lowa or Meindl, which convince with high functionality and good workmanship.

Outdoor and hiking shoes for women: Waterproof thanks to Gore-Tex membrane

Outdoor, hiking and winter shoes for women that are advertised as waterproof are usually equipped with a modern Gore-Tex membrane.This is a wafer-thin layer that is integrated into the shoe between the upper material and the inner lining.The special feature of the membrane, which is both waterproof and windproof, is its microporous structure.This contains more than a billion tiny holes per square centimetre, which are so tiny that the water droplets, which are many times larger in comparison, cannot pass through them.At the same time, the holes are large enough to allow moisture in the form of water vapour to escape from the inside of the shoes to the outside.This ensures that the shoes are highly breathable, prevents sweating and protects your feet from moisture from the outside and inside.Tip: In our online shop, you can recognise women's hiking, trekking or walking shoes that are waterproof at a glance by the addition of "GTX" (abbreviation for Gore-Tex) in the product name.

The advantages of shoes with a Gore-Tex membrane at a glance:

  • long service life
  • uncomplicated care
  • excellent breathability
  • Reliably waterproof and windproof

Good to know: Outdoor shoes without a Gore-Tex membrane are usually not completely waterproof, but merely water-repellent.This applies, for example, to hiking or trekking shoes made of full-grain leather, which repel moisture through regular impregnation, but cannot keep it one hundred percent from penetrating during prolonged contact.

Outdoor shoes for women: waterproof, robust and ready for any adventure

If you prefer to spend your free time doing outdoor activities, it is of course advisable to opt directly for a pair of waterproof shoes for women.It's just as important that you choose a shoe that fits the activity you enjoy most.Our leisure, hiking, walking and trekking shoes for women differ in many features that you should take into account when buying.The perfect partner for hikes on not too difficult trails, for example, are our half-high Walking shoes for women.They are waterproof, have a flexible sole, are equipped with a grippy tread for changing terrain and provide a high level of comfort with pleasant cushioning.

If you want to go trekking with luggage for several days in the far north, the low mountain ranges or in southern climes, we recommend our high and robust trekking shoes for women.These are waterproof, give you a secure hold with their high shaft and have a pleasantly cushioned sole that protects your ligaments and joints on tours over hill and dale.If you enjoy brisk walks - with or without poles - then we have the right walking shoes for you that are not only waterproof, but thanks to their special construction also offer a high degree of flexibility, are very comfortable and provide you with optimal support while walking.

And what about when it gets really cold outside and the paths are covered in ice and snow? Then it's time for our winter shoes for women.Waterproof thanks to the Gore-Tex membrane, the high-quality winter shoes from brands such as Lowa and Meindl keep your feet dry even in slush and also wonderfully warm with a cosy lining of lambskin or synthetic material.A grippy and well-profiled sole also prevents your winter or snow hike from becoming a slippery slope.Discover now many more hiking, winter and trekking shoes for women that are waterproof and perfectly tailored to your preferred type of outdoor activity.Tip: Use our clever filter function and sort our women's waterproof shoes by features such as colour, lining, upper material or whether it is a vegan shoe.

The best waterproof shoes for women from adidas, Lowa and Meindl

In the online shop of we offer you a selection of the best and most popular adidas, Lowa and Meindl shoes for women, which are both waterproof and convince with high functionality and a fashionable design.You can be sporty, for example, with shoes from the Herzogenaurach-based sporting goods experts adidas.Popular adidas shoes for women that are waterproof include the Terrex Agravic F ADYW.The women's shoes are the perfect choice for brisk walks in the park or wild romps with kids in the adventure playground.A real perennial favourite in our range, suitable for a variety of outdoor activities from dog walking to light hikes, is the Maddox GTX.The Lowa mid-high shoes for women are waterproof, offer a mix of sporty and neutral looks and convince with numerous benefits such as a grippy and non-slip sole and a robust construction.Click through our range now and discover many more well-rated and expert-recommended waterproof shoes for women.

Buy waterproof shoes for women online at a great price - now on Hiking

Don't feel like sitting indoors in the rain and snow? With our waterproof shoes you can now enjoy the outdoors in any weather and do your favourite activities.Thanks to the Gore-Tex membrane, your feet stay dry and sweating is also prevented by the high breathability.Discover the best leisure, hiking, trekking and walking shoes for women with weatherproof membranes at low prices, choose your size and desired colour and order conveniently and securely online!