Outdoor sandals

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Waterproof outdoor sandals: versatile companions for hikers and trekkers

As a hiker, you are often out and about in unspoilt nature, love to explore winding paths and are therefore looking for universal trekking sandals that offer you reliable support even on warm days? Whether as a sports, outdoor, hiking or bathing sandal: in the Wanderschuhe.net online shop you will find a wide range of high-quality sandals that are waterproof, functional and robust.Discover the variety of brands from renowned manufacturers such as Lowa, Meindl or Keen, which specialises in the manufacture of universal outdoor sandals to provide you with safe comfort when hiking, hiking or trekking, even on rough terrain.Find out how the different models differ in terms of their features, how to find the perfect sandals for your sport online and why the material finish plays an important role in your choice.

Trekking sandals: It all depends on the material processing

If you value robust footwear for your hiking trips, even when temperatures rise, functional outdoor sandals for men , women and children the right choice.While conventional leisure sandals usually only have a flat foam sole and narrow straps, waterproof outdoor sandals are equipped with a treaded outsole with good grip and score points with a robust and careful material finish.In the production of high-quality outdoor sandals for women, men or children, functional material compositions made of natural and synthetic materials are used that withstand high stress and thus meet your requirements in every respect.Thus, Outdoor sandals for children, ladies and men made of genuine leather such as nubuck or suede with excellent comfort properties, as the natural materials adapt ideally to the shape of your foot and the breathability of the leather ensures a skin-friendly foot climate.However, models made of synthetic and vegan materials such as synthetic fibre, polyamide or mesh also score points with their high durability and pleasant wearing comfort, which makes hikes lasting several hours with the whole family an unforgettable experience.

Waterproof outdoor sandals: ideal for hiking and trekking tours

So that you can concentrate fully on the sporting aspect of your planned activities such as hiking, trekking or hiking, it is particularly important to choose waterproof outdoor sandals that are not affected by a short rain shower or standing water.Sandals that are waterproof have a special membrane structure that makes it possible to immediately wick away penetrating moisture to the outside and thus offer you safe wearing comfort even on wet surfaces.Specially designed for wet terrain, the clever material combination of intelligent linings ensures that waterproof outdoor sandals dry particularly quickly, so that even when wading through puddles or rivulets, you can enjoy dry feet again after only a short time.In walking shoes.net online shop, you will find a large selection of high-quality sandals that are waterproof and hard-wearing and will accompany you reliably on all trekking and hiking trails.

Sturdy sandals for the whole family: this variety of models awaits you online

In order to be safe and comfortable in any weather, outdoor sandals for men, women and children are characterised by their high stability.To ensure that your feet have optimal support even over a longer walking distance, you should choose sturdy sandals with adjustable straps that have a profiled outsole to guarantee a secure step even on stony or uneven terrain.So that you know exactly which different outdoor sandals for women, men and children are available for you in the hiking boots.net online shop, we have compiled a small overview of the most popular models including their respective functional characteristics for you:

Sports sandals: The term sports sandals covers all models that combine positive characteristics such as flexibility and stability.An airy alternative to traditional sneakers, sports sandals are usually made of reinforced mesh fabric, making them suitable for light hiking as well as jogging or Nordic walking.

Outdoor sandals: Within the outdoor sandals category, you will find sturdy sandals that have functional features such as an anti-slip sole, adjustable straps and a padded insole, making them ideal for off-road use, but also for an extended sightseeing trip.

Hiking sandals: Trekking and hiking sandals are usually equipped with adjustable cross straps and Velcro fasteners, waterproof material combinations, a non-slip sole and a firm toe cap, which together serve to protect your feet on long hikes and extensive trekking tours.

Bathing sandals: Bathing sandals are the perfect outdoor sandals for children.In contrast to open sandals, bathing sandals have an additional heel strap, a non-slip sole and a water-permeable material construction that allows not only small but also big water lovers to splash around to their heart's content and enjoy the cool water in a carefree way.

Walking shoes.net-Onlineshop: Discover leather and synthetic hiking sandals now

Whether you want to go hiking in the woods, trekking in the low mountain ranges or walking in the fields: the hiking shoe.net online shop has a wide range of models ready for you as a nature lover who loves to spend time outdoors.Made from hard-wearing materials such as leather or synthetic, all outdoor sandals available online for men, women and children have individual functional properties to complete sporting activities in the great outdoors in the best possible way.Choose universal trekking sandals with a grippy treaded outsole, adjustable straps, secure hook-and-loop closures and a waterproof membrane to ensure quality on your next outdoor adventure.Also discover versatile outdoor sandals for women, men and children that, thanks to their material composition, are just as suitable for a walk through the nature park as they are for a stroll through the city.In addition to functional outdoor sandals for children, women and men, which are made of genuine leather, you can also find vegan sandals made of synthetic materials that make every family outing in the countryside an event worth experiencing.