adidas Terrex

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adidas Terrex: Robust and durable hiking boots

The sports shoes with the popular three stripes are well-known everywhere; hardly anyone who has never worn an adidas shoe. But the shoe manufacturer from Herzogenaurach also has a lot to offer when it comes to hiking shoes. For example, the adidas Terrex hiking shoes have already received the Outdoor Industry Award several times. In addition, as with many of its other collections, adidas also relies on the cooperation with top athletes for the Terrex, who contribute their experience to the development of the outdoor shoes.This creates walking shoes, which in practical use meet exactly the requirements needed for activities on demanding terrain.In our shop you will find the adidas Terrex for women, adidas Terrex for children and adidas Terrex for men in numerous colours and designs; as hiking boots and hiking shoes; in normal sizes and oversizes.

What makes the adidas Terrex stand out?

The Terrex offers you numerous innovative features, such as perfect cushioning and optimal traction on difficult terrain.The focus of the running shoes is on using high-quality, ultra-light and breathable materials with all the comprehensive features that good walking shoes require.Certain models are equipped with GORE-TEX® so that the shoes are waterproof in all weather conditions and at the same time breathable and ensure an optimal climate and moisture management.Mesh, a synthetic material that wicks sweat away from the foot, ensures a comfortable, dry shoe.The heel and midsection of the adidas Terrex are perfectly stabilised for a secure step on all surfaces.Many models have a rubber-like midsole made of ethylene vinyl acetate with a special cushioning effect that is gentle on the feet and joints and a special boost technology that gives you back energy.The sole is also characterised by high heat resistance.The so-called speed lacing system offers optimal comfort, as it does not require a knot and is fixed with the help of a cord stopper.This is much quicker than tying the laces.Some shoes are additionally equipped with Velcro fasteners, for example the adidas Terrex for children.

Which Terrex models are available?

Terrex GTX

adidas Terrex GTX running shoes are pleasantly light to wear and yet very robust.They have a Continental rubber outsole for superior grip in wet conditions.They also have a pre-shaped insole.The GORE-TEX® membrane (Extended Comfort) keeps water out and keeps you dry.Additional protection is provided for the feet by a durable toe cap.The upper is made of synthetic and mesh.The adidas Terrex GTX is wonderfully suited for use in rainy weather.

Terrex Agravic

The adidas Terrex Agravic outdoor shoes are multifunctional shoes with the necessary grip for unpaved paths.They feature a Continental rubber compound in various areas of the outsole, Boost technology and a regular cut fit.The textile and mesh upper with abrasion-resistant welds is very durable.In addition, they offer high adaptability and pleasant cushioning comfort even on rocky ground.The adidas Terrex Agravic cross-country running shoes with a grippy tread are also equipped with a sock-like enveloping shape that ensures good control.

Terrex Agravic GTX

With the adidas Terrex Agravic GTX, even the steepest slopes are no problem for you.In addition to the comfortable Boost technology and a Continental rubber compound in the outsole, they feature a waterproof GORE-TEX® membrane.The lining is made of breathable sandwich mesh.Furthermore, the shoes are equipped with a thermoplastic polyurethane toe cap and a midsole with ethylene vinyl acetate edging, which ensure the necessary stability on difficult terrain.

Terrex Skychaser GTX

adidas Terrex Skychaser GTX feature an outsole with Continental rubber, a Boost system and a waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX® lining, in addition to Pro-Moderator technology to provide more stability on the terrain.The ethylene vinyl acetate edging, specially developed for outdoor shoes, provides optimum support.

Terrex Swift

Perfect adidas performance is also provided by the adidas adidas Swift with it.Like all other Terrex types, they have a robust Traxion outsole with Continental rubber.Overlays made of thermoplastic polyurethane provide more support and durability.In addition, a pre-shaped toe cap gives more protection and a lightweight ethylene vinyl acetate midsole gives long-term cushioning.

Terrex Trail Cross SL

The upper material for the Terrex Trail Cross SL has been completely revised.It is a little stiffer than its predecessor due to its welded-on surfaces and thus has improved lateral support.The heel has been additionally reinforced for a better hold.Overall, the front section of the hiking boot is slightly wider, so that the toes can spread and find enough space.The lower part of the lacing has been widened, but can also be tightened for narrow feet if desired.Common to the predecessor is the comfortable OrthoLite insole and the outsole with grippy Stealth-Rubber.In a nutshell, the running shoe is the ideal companion for alpine hikes.

What does GTX mean?

GTX is the abbreviation for GORE-TEX® / Goretex.The breathable, waterproof and extremely robust synthetic fibre is processed as a membrane in the adidas Terrex GTX shoes, such as the adidas Terrex Skychaser GTX and the adidas Terrex Agravic GTX.Their job is to block water from entering and make the shoe waterproof.Since the molecules of steam are smaller than water droplets, sweat can pass from the inside to the outside in the form of water vapour.Seen from the outside, the GORE-TEX® membrane is always present as the third layer after the respective outer material and a protective knitted fabric.

What is the Boost technology in adidas Terrex?

In collaboration with BASF, adidas has developed a manufacturing process that foams solid granules of thermopolyurethane.This is then used to make 2500 energy capsules, which are compressed into a midsole.This creates a damping element with its own cell structure that can store and return energy more efficiently with each step.According to studies, the material records the highest energy gain and has three times the temperature resistance of ethylene vinyl acetate foam.

How should an adidas Terrex fit?

The toes should not hit the front, but still have about a thumb's width of space and the ability to move up and down.It is therefore advisable to always buy outdoor shoes a half to a whole size larger.The shoe is perfect for you if the heel is also firmly enclosed and does not slip out when walking and the shoe does not create any unpleasant pressure at the sides.

Is the Terrex also suitable for snow?

With the adidas Terrex Choleah and the adidas Terrex Snow, the trendy running shoe manufacturer offers hiking boots that are specially designed for use in snow and ice.They feature Primaloft® synthetic fibre lining and a waterproof and breathable Climaproof® outer material.The Terrex Choleah for women also has a cushioning EVA midsole.

How long does the Terrex from adidas last and how do you care for it?

With the right care and treatment, Terrex models from adidas score with a long durability.After every hike, you should clean your adidas Terrex shoes with a brush to remove any dirt that has adhered to them, clean them with a little water and remove the insoles.Sand and other crumbly particles in your shoe are simply shaken out.After cleaning and in case of moisture, it is best to dry them at medium temperatures in the fresh air or in another place, but not in the immediate vicinity of the heating.It is best to stuff the inside of the shoe with newspaper or other paper to remove the moisture.For GORE-TEX® footwear, you should apply an appropriate waterproofing after drying.

adidas Terrex for hiking order online

With the adidas Terrex collection, we offer you a large selection of adidas hiking shoes.You can filter by gender, size, area of use and many other categories and thus select the perfect shoes according to your wishes within a short time.We will be happy to advise you via our free hotline.If the adidas Terrex shoes you have selected do not fit you perfectly, you have a 30-day return policy.Have fun shopping!