Casual shoes for ladies

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Casual shoes for women: Cheap brand shoes for active women

Our women's casual shoes are the ideal companion if you want to get out into nature, go on short hikes or explore the surroundings on foot during city trips. In addition to an attractive design, the robust shoes offer gentle cushioning, a high level of wearing comfort and a grippy sole that gives you a secure hold in every situation. Furthermore, many of our women's casual shoes are equipped with a breathable Gore-Tex membrane.It ensures a pleasant foot climate and reliably keeps your feet dry on excursions through the rain or across damp meadows.

Whether you're looking for comfortable all-rounders for active everyday wear or lightweight trekking and hiking shoes for varying terrain - you'll find the perfect women's casual shoes for your next adventure here.These include versatile multifunctional shoes, but also bargains such as Adidas hiking shoes, Meindl hiking boots, Lowa hiking boots and Hanwag hiking boots for women.Discover our entire range now and order your new casual shoes for women quickly and cheaply online!

Which casual shoes for women suit me?

That depends on how and where you want to wear your shoes.Below we have compiled a few examples with tips on what features you should look for when choosing your casual shoes.

All-rounder for everyday life and leisure

If you're looking for a casual shoe that you can wear to work, with the kids in the playground and on a leisurely stroll through town, and that can also handle a hike at the weekend, we recommend a lightweight casual shoe for women with a not too rough tread.A breathable material like mesh is important to keep your feet fresh on long days.If you want the shoe to be suitable for all weather conditions, you should make sure that it is waterproof.We recommend our adidas women's casual shoes, which have all the above requirements and combine them with a sporty design.

Casual shoes for sporty women

If you are looking for a reliable companion for your evening Nordic walking rounds and brisk walks over varying surfaces, then lightweight leisure shoes for women with a somewhat coarser and grippy sole are just right.They give you a secure grip on different terrain and ensure good moisture exchange thanks to the Gore-Tex membrane.It ventilates your feet and prevents water from penetrating.Reinforcements on the toes and heels make the shoes more robust and protect your feet from injuries.Since cushioning also plays an important role in more intensive activities, you should specifically choose women's sports shoes.Besides Meindl, adidas, for example, also offers women's leisure shoes for active and sporty women.

Women's casual shoes for light hiking

If you are looking for lightweight women's casual shoes to accompany you on your tours away from paved roads, robust models are in demand.The outsole with a rough and grippy tread is very important here.Nevertheless, the shoe should be slimmer and lighter than a full-fledged hiking shoe.A good example is the "Avila Lady Mid GTX" casual boot from Meindl, which gives you a secure hold thanks to its shaft height and still allows for sporty walking.Like many of our women's leather casual shoes, this model has a breathable and waterproof Gore-Text membrane.

Brand leisure shoes for women - from elegant to sporty

In addition to functionality, the look of women's casual shoes also plays an important role in the purchase decision.If you want to wear the shoes in everyday life, they should go well with your outfit.That's why you'll always find a large selection of models in different colours and designs in our shop, among which you're sure to find the right casual shoe for you.

Our women's leather casual shoes are robust and elegant.Whether smooth nubuck leather like both Hanwag "Aotea II Lady GTX" or soft suede leather like the Meindl "Dan Diego Lady GTX" is a question of personal taste.When it comes to colour, besides classic beige or brown, women's casual shoes in white are particularly popular.Just like black casual shoes for women, they can be combined with many outfits.For a sporty touch, adidas shoes for women provide a casual look.Especially the adidas Terrex leisure shoes for women in white, black and many other shades are popular and loved for their high wearing comfort and durability.Discover many more casual shoes for women in our sale that you can order online at a great price.

What makes casual shoes for women so special?

If you are on your feet a lot for work, prefer to explore the world on foot or like to make detours onto unpaved paths - our women's casual shoes ensure that you reach your destination relaxed and safely.This starts with the optimal fit: each of our women's casual shoes is adapted to the anatomical characteristics of women's feet.Casual shoes for women from Adidas and other brand manufacturers are much narrower than men's leisure shoes.This means that they offer you stable support and pleasant wearing comfort, taking you comfortably through everyday life or to the end of your tour.

The cushioning also makes a big contribution to wearing comfort.For example, Meindl and adidas women's casual shoes are softer to protect the joints.This is because women make greater demands on them than men.Some manufacturers therefore integrate a soft midsole into many of their women's casual shoes.The upper is also lower on women's casual shoes than on men's casual shoes.That's why you should always choose women's shoes and not - in the case of particularly small or large sizes - casual shoes for children or men for cost reasons.With us you will find numerous casual shoes for women at low prices and in the usual high quality!

At a glance: Casual shoes for women ...

  • are adapted to the anatomical characteristics of women's feet.
  • have a cushioning effect that protects joints and tendons.
  • often have a softly padded midsole.
  • have a lower shaft end.

Buy comfortable casual shoes for women online!

To equip you for your everyday life, we offer you a large selection of high-quality casual shoes for women.Whether you are looking for sporty casual shoes for women from Adidas or elegant Meindl casual shoes for women - in our range you will find numerous different models in various designs, colours and sizes.Discover your new casual shoes in the sale now, outdoor shoes for women and Women's hiking shoes and enjoy walking on new soles!