Lowa Trekking

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Lowa trekking shoes - robust footwear for hikes with luggage

On trekking tours, good footwear is the most important part of your outdoor equipment. After all, the shoes have to protect you from wind and weather from the first step until you reach your destination, relieve the strain on your joints and offer you maximum surefootedness on both flat and steep terrain. That's why many hobby hikers and outdoor professionals swear by high-quality brand-name shoes like Lowa hiking boots for men and women.The shoes of the outdoor experts from Jetzendorf in Upper Bavaria are designed from the sole to the shaft for the high demands of trekking tours and lead you safely over via ferratas, scree fields and forest paths.

Discover in walking shoes.net online shop now for affordable trekking shoes in many different colours and designs.Choose the shoe that best suits you and your walking habits and order it conveniently and securely online! Would you like another brand? Of course, we also offer affordable trekking shoes from other outdoor brands such as Hanwag and Meindl, which will accompany you on your trekking adventures and bring you safely to your destination.

Why are Lowa trekking shoes the right choice for men and women?

When you are literally walking over hill and dale, you need to be able to rely one hundred percent on your shoes.Here, branded shoes like Lowa trekking boots are clearly ahead.Because with around 100 years of expertise in the field of hiking and trekking shoes, the brand has now become synonymous with high-quality outdoor shoes.

The German manufacturer uses only high-quality materials for its Lowa trekking shoes for men and women.This starts with the sole, whose robust construction provides excellent grip and maximum traction on a wide variety of surfaces and largely features the patented Vibram quality.In addition, many Lowa trekking boots are equipped with a Gore-Tex lining, which ensures high breathability and reliable waterproofness.

The upper material of many Lowa trekking shoes for men and women is made of genuine leather.Here, the brand consistently relies on leather of European origin that has been processed without harmful substances and in an environmentally friendly way.This also applies to the synthetic materials used for Lowa trekking boots.Here, too, the company attaches great importance to the complete traceability of supply chains and high reliability of suppliers.So there are more than enough reasons to choose Lowa trekking shoes for men or women.

Lowa trekking shoes: Here's what you should look out for when buying

Whether you want to buy Lowa trekking shoes for women, men or kids, there are a few things you should look out for before ordering shoes for your next trekking tour.Because besides the colour and the design, there are some important differences between the shoes and boots that you should include in your purchase decision.

Low, medium-high or high shaft?

Basically, the higher the shaft of theLowa trekking boots, the more secure the hold.

  • On trekking tours with steep climbs and heavy luggage, you should choose a shoe with a high shaft.It stabilises your foot, protects the ankle and thus reduces the risk of serious injury if you twist your ankle.
  • For light luggage and flatter terrain, you can opt for a Lowa trekking boot with a medium-high shaft.They offer you more freedom of movement than boots with a high shaft, but still give your foot good support.
  • Lowa trekking shoes for men or women are well suited for easy tours on flat terrain and paved surfaces.They give you the most freedom of movement, but offer no protection in case of twisting.

Gore-Tex or leather as lining material?

The choice of lining is decisive for whether and how breathable and waterproof the Lowa hiking boots for women or men are.We would like to briefly explain the properties of the individual materials below:

Gore-Tex: Many affordable trekking shoes from Lowa are lined with Gore-Tex.The modern high-tech material creates an optimal foot climate and prevents your feet from sweating excessively on your tours.A big advantage is the waterproofness of the material, thanks to which you can reach your destination dry-footed even in rain and snow.

Leather: The natural material is known for its high comfort, creates a good foot climate, is robust and durable.However, it is not waterproof.In humid regions, you should therefore give preference to Lowa trekking boots with Gore-Tex.

Tip: Whether you're looking for Lowa trekking shoes or hiking boots for men and women - always order a half or full size larger, so you'll still have enough room even with thick socks.

Best trekking shoes: These are the test winners of the trade press

Leisure magazines and independent test institutes regularly put Lowa trekking shoes for men and women under the microscope to help outdoor enthusiasts like you choose the perfect shoe.One shoe that often impresses is the Lowa Baldo GTX trekking boot.The all-rounder for hiking and trekking recently scored "very good" in the magazine "Alpin - das Bergmagazin".The Renegade GTX Mid is another classic that has received consistently good reviews from the trade press.The Lowa trekking shoes for men and women were recently awarded the test rating "outstanding" as the best trekking shoes by the magazine "outdoor".The testers praised the good stability and the favourable price of the shoes.According to a new test by "outdoor", the Taurus II GTX Mid from Lowa can also boast the title "best trekking shoes in the test".They were particularly convincing with their good breathability and waterproofness.

Lowa children's shoes: High-quality trekking shoes for children's feet

Children have a natural urge to explore and love to go trekking.However, they should wear suitable footwear.Lowa trekking boots such as the Kody III GTX or Zirrox GTX models are ideal.The shoes are optimally adapted to children's feet and offer kids secure footing and a high level of surefootedness thanks to their profiled yet flexible sole.In addition, the Lowa trekking boots are breathable and waterproof thanks to their Gore-Tex membrane.This keeps your feet dry even after a courageous jump into the stream.By the way: in terms of quality, the brand's children's shoes and Lowa trekking shoes for men and women are absolutely identical.When buying, however, you should consider the following tips:

  • The foot should sit firmly in the shoe and not slip back and forth.
  • The toes should have sufficient freedom of movement in the front of the shoe.
  • The shoes fit perfectly when nothing pinches despite thick socks.

Cheap Lowa trekking shoes for the whole family - on hiking shoes.net

If you want to order cheap trekking shoes online, you've come to the right place.We constantly offer you a large selection of Lowa trekking boots for easy and demanding tours.Also low-cost Lowa children's shoes can be found in our range, so that nothing stands in the way of trekking adventures with the whole family.Choose a model and the right size now and have your new Lowa trekking shoes for women, men or children delivered to your doorstep! If you need support, no problem: we are happy to help you with advice and support and will help you find the best trekking shoes for you on the phone or by e-mail!

If you can't find the right Lowa trekking boots for you, check out our shop for more affordable trekking shoes from manufacturers such as Hanwag and Meindl, as well as a huge selection of robust hiking boots and comfortable hiking shoes.