Hiking Sandals for Ladies

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Hiking sandals for women: Optimal air circulation and functional comfort

Whether along the well-known hiking trails of your home region, exploring new paths in faraway holiday destinations or for your daily walk through the surrounding countryside after work: you like to be outdoors in summer and are therefore looking for functional and comfortable trekking sandals? When the temperatures rise and it is clearly too warm for sturdy footwear, hiking sandals for women are the ideal choice to accompany you on your adventures with maximum wearing comfort.Perfect for light hikes, long walks and summer holiday tours, hiking sandals for women offer you functional comfort thanks to their optimal air circulation, which allows you to carry out your sporting activities even on hot days.In walking shoes.net online shop, you will find your perfect sports sandal for women from renowned brands such as Lowa or Keen, which will win you over with their high-quality workmanship and high functionality.Find out now what is important when buying women's hiking sandals and the variety of models available in hiking shoes.net online shop awaits you.

Hiking sandals for women: visual diversity meets high functionality

The visual variety of women's hiking sandals is in the hiking shoes.net online shop is almost limitless.So different styles join individual designs and different colours, so that there is the right model for every taste.But when looking for the right women's sandal for sporting activities such as hiking or trekking, it's not just the look that counts: depending on the functions and features you want from your airy footwear, you decide on a model whose sole and last as well as lining and upper material optimally meet your requirements.Simply use our practical filter function to determine your selection with just a few clicks.Since the outdoor sandals are primarily suitable for light to medium tours in category A, you will get a good overview of all the models that are suitable for you when you start browsing.In addition to functional sandals for women, the hiking boots.net online shop also offers a wide range of high-quality outdoor sandals for men and outdoor sandals for kids so that nothing stands in the way of a summer family outing in the countryside.

Hiking sandals for women: these model features are important

Hiking sandals for women are equipped with special model features that enable you to safely master rough terrain despite their lightness, without having to sacrifice essential features such as wearing comfort, convenience and stability.In the following section you will get a compact overview of all model features that distinguish high-quality outdoor sandals as functional footwear:

The upper material: Natural upper materials such as leather, nubuck leather and suede differ in terms of how they are made, but they all give women's hiking sandals a high-quality look.In addition, leather is extremely hard-wearing and proves to be very durable.Vegan materials such as polyester, synthetic or textile, on the other hand, are extremely flexible in their material composition and can thus be perfectly adapted to the respective area of application.

The straps: Because outdoor sandals are designed specifically for rough terrain such as hiking trails and country lanes, they have padded straps that offer you optimal support on different terrain.In addition to the adjustable straps, hiking sandals for women are usually equipped with buckles, Velcro fasteners or laces that securely enclose the heel, instep and ankle, stabilise the foot in its movement and thus protect it from twisting.

The toe cap: While conventional sandals have an open toe, many hiking sandals for women have a closed toe cap.Often equipped with an additional rubber layer, the reinforced toe area ensures maximum protection of the sensitive toe, reduces the risk of impacts and also prevents the penetration of sharp stones.

The sole construction: Similar to closed hiking boots, open hiking sandals for women are also characterised by their stable sole construction, which fulfils several functions at once.The soft insole with ergonomically shaped footbed provides optimal cushioning and the profiled rubber sole offers you a reliable grip even on sloping and wet paths.

Sporty sandals for women: The perfect footwear for leisure time

Whether you want to go hiking in the low mountains in summer or trekking in the high mountains: sporty sandals for women are suitable for many outdoor activities.So they are just as much a good choice for a relaxed afternoon of hiking with the whole family as they are for a cultural city trip with your best friend or are the perfect footwear for Nordic walking with your partner every evening.A women's sports sandal scores with ease during any activity, as its airy design allows for optimal air circulation, while the sturdy strap and sole constructions ensure a secure step.Sporty sandals for women can be worn with or without hiking socks, depending on the weather, so they are not only a welcome alternative to sturdy hiking boots in summer, but can also be worn as transitional shoes in spring and autumn.Discover your ideal hiking sandals for women now and make sure you always make the right choice.

Walking shoes.net-Onlineshop: Discover trekking sandals and much more now.

In the hiking shoes.net online shop, you will find a large selection of high-quality trekking sandals that will impress you with functional features such as comfort, flexibility and durability.Whether they are made of a robust upper material such as leather or synthetic, equipped with lining materials such as textile, mesh or leather, or have Velcro fasteners, buckles or quick-release laces as the type of closure: in addition to various hiking sandals for women, you can find hiking shoes in the hiking shoes section.net online shop also offers double-reinforced hiking socks, which in combination with women's trekking sandals form the perfect unit for your sporty leisure time.Discover your ideal women's sports sandal online now from renowned manufacturers such as Lowa or Keen, which is suitable both for an extensive hiking trip with the whole family and for a spontaneous walk in the woods with your dog.