Hiking boots for ladies

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Operational area
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Lining material
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Upper material
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Sole material
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Shoe width
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Hiking boots for women: These boots are made for walking

Snow and ice, cold and rainy weather or extended hiking tours on rough and slippery terrain; trekking boots with a high shaft are the right companions for numerous outdoor activities. In any case, a perfect fit, high functionality with regard to the intended use and durability are required when choosing suitable boots. The stylish appearance of the robust footwear is also becoming increasingly important.In our online shop for hiking shoes, mid outdoor shoes and hiking boots you will only find models from renowned brand manufacturers - including Meindl / Meindl Identity, LOWA, adidas, Kayland, Hanwag, Keen, Timberland and Trezeta.You can filter by manufacturer, size, upper material, colour and many other categories to find your favourite boots in no time.Take a virtual walk through our extensive range!

Which hiking boot for women is the best?

Nowadays, when outdoor enthusiasts talk about hiking, they don't always mean the same activity.There are numerous forms of hiking, from a several-hour exploration trip through the nearest recreation area to challenging trekking excursions on demanding terrain.Therefore, it is important that you think about the occasions for which your shoes will be needed before you place your order.Are you a brisk walker or do you like sporty mid shoes to complement your leisure outfit? Do you want to hike exclusively in the mountains or climb professionally? Do you want to wear your new hiking boots in summer or do you need the boots for late autumn or winter? Are you looking for waterproof hiking boots as a year-round all-rounder? Foot malpositions also play a big role in choosing a suitable hiking boot.The Meindl hiking boot categories, which group hiking boots into 6 different usage categories, serve as a decision-making aid.The most frequently purchased boots for hiking fall into categories A, A/B and B.You can find a detailed description of all hiking boot categories under "What walking shoes are there?".
Once the intended use has been determined, it is a matter of choosing the right model for you.In most online shops - including hiking shoes.net - the selection can be specifically limited to the relevant field of application.Manufacturers such as Meindl or LOWA contribute with their product lines Lady and LOWA.Women take into account the special anatomy of the female foot, so that you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a LOWA hiking boots ladies or a Meindl hiking boots for women you basically can't go wrong.

How do women's hiking boots have to fit?

Just like Women's hiking boots hiking boots for women should be bought half to one size larger.This prevents your toes from bumping against the front of the shoe when you run.Furthermore, with a larger shoe you have enough space for thick socks or an additional insole.You can accommodate a pronounced big toe angle with wider lasts.

Which women's hiking boots are suitable for hallux valgus?

Some manufacturers offer special boot models for "problem feet".The most common foot deformities include hallux valgus, which is common among women, as well as bent, flat, splayed, flat or hollow feet, for which orthopaedically adapted insoles provide relief.Therefore, if you have foot deformities, you should prefer boots with removable insoles that can be replaced with orthopaedic insoles.A widened footbed, heel protection and a shock-absorbing sole system enable pain-free hiking even over longer distances.Please note the item descriptions and especially the information on last width.

Manufacturers suitable for hallux valgus

Meindl: Meindl shoes create space for the toes to fan out and sufficient room for the ball of the foot with Ergonomic Fit technology.LOWA: The label LOWA offers lightweight hiking boots and winter hiking boots for women with different lasts that offer an extended toe area (XL last), an extended forefoot and ball area (W last) or a combination of both (WXL last).Keen: Models from the manufacturer Keen are considered particularly suitable for hikers with pressure and pain-sensitive feet, including slightly pronounced hallux valgus.

What materials are women's hiking boots made of?

In outdoor shoes, a basic distinction is made between the upper material, the inner lining and a water-repellent intermediate layer, the so-called GORE-TEX® membrane (GTX).


Depending on the manufacturer, hiking boots for women are made of leather or synthetic materials.Which one is more suitable for you depends on your personal preferences and, of course, the intended use.Hiking boots made of leather are relatively heavy and are therefore increasingly used as mountain boots in the Alps or other mountains.If you are looking for light hiking boots for women, you should prefer nubuck leather.Synthetic materials are mostly represented in categories A and A/B and are often reminiscent of high-quality trainers.For example, the manufacturer uses adidas uses only synthetic uppers for its Terrex.A significant advantage of synthetic materials is that they dry quickly compared to leather.

Inner lining

The lining of women's hiking boots is usually made of mesh or leather, the latter being considered the most natural and highest quality lining.It is characterised by its outstanding breathability and moisture absorption and can absorb moisture up to three times its own weight.Women who tend to have sweaty feet should therefore opt for hiking boots with leather lining.

GORE-TEX® membrane (GTX)

If you are looking for a waterproof hiking boot for women, a GTX shoe is the shoe of choice.With its GORE-TEX® membrane between the inside and outside, it reliably prevents the penetration of mud, snow and rain and ensures dry feet.In the shop of hiking boots.net you have the option to filter whether a GORE-TEX® membrane should be present.

What distinguishes winter hiking boots for women?

Most hiking boot manufacturers also offer winter boots for women that feature a warm inner lining, their GORE-TEX® membrane and a high shaft height.Popular models are the LOWA DALARNA, the LOWA VALLOIRE and the Meindl GRENOBLE LADY.

How do you care for ladies hiking boots?

Whether light hiking boots or heavy boots for trekking: the right care is the be-all and end-all for a long boot life in a functionally intact and visually appealing condition.Leather hiking boots must not be dried under the influence of strong heat - for example under a heater - as otherwise genuine leather will harden.Dry dirt is removed from boots made of leather or synthetic material with a shoe brush and lukewarm water.Please refrain from adding soap or grease to synthetic boots.To make hiking boots waterproof, there are waterproofing sprays available in the shops.Shoe wax is also suitable for boots made of smooth leather.You can find out when a new impregnation is due with the "Lotus Test".If the upper material is wetted with water and the liquid does not bead up but seeps in, waterproof hiking boots will need to have the impregnation refreshed.

High quality hiking boots for women - buy without regret at fair prices

At Hiking Boots.net you will find a wide selection of contemporary hiking boots for women, hiking boots for men and hiking boots for children.Choose between comfortable and trendy models such as the LOWA RENEGADE, the LOWA STRATO EVO LL LO, the Meindl BORNEO or the adidas TERREX.If price plays an important role in your purchase decision, take a look from time to time at the category "Sale".There you will find, for example, last year's models at particularly low prices.With a 30-day return policy, various payment options and fast shipping, we offer you the advantages of modern online shipping.A friendly and competent hotline is on standby for you if you have questions about individual products or order processing.Just get in touch with us!