Outdoor shoes

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Outdoor shoes: High-quality brand shoes for your favourite sport

What could be better than actively enjoying nature in all weathers and relying on the comfort of high-quality outdoor shoes? In our well-stocked online shop at Wanderschuhe.net, versatile outdoor shoes in numerous variants await you for your favourite sport. Whether you need suitable shoes for hiking, trekking or jogging: discover our strong brand range now, including adidas hiking shoes, Lowa hiking boots, Hanwag hiking boots or Meindl hiking boots, which meet your requirements for comfortable outdoor shoes in every respect.Functional, waterproof and hard-wearing, our robust outdoor shoes are ready for any challenge.Find out which features distinguish the perfect hiking, trekking and jogging shoes and how you can recognise high-quality outdoor shoes at a glance.

Functional and practical outdoor shoes: these variants await you

Whether you want functional outdoor shoes for women or practical Men's outdoor shoes: In hiking shoes.net online shop, you are guaranteed to find the ideal outdoor shoe.High-quality outdoor shoes are characterised by individual features that are perfectly matched to your respective sport in terms of workmanship, functionality and design.Special outdoor shoes such as outdoor boots or outdoor low shoes prove to be extraordinarily robust and hard-wearing and also offer your feet optimum support and high comfort properties even on extra-long hiking, trekking or running tours.Waterproof outdoor shoes such as outdoor boots or outdoor low shoes are specifically designed to meet the demands of demanding running, hiking and trekking trails.hiking shoes, trekking shoes or running shoes consist of robust outsoles, breathable upper materials and shock-absorbing midsoles that relieve and protect your feet.So that you know exactly what to look for when choosing your perfect outdoor shoes, we will tell you everything you need to know about the different types of shoes for your outdoor sports:

Outdoor: Hiking shoes for extensive hiking trips

Functional outdoor hiking shoes are as much a part of an extensive hiking trip as a hiking backpack and windbreaker.These are the features you should look for when choosing high-quality hiking boots such as Meindl outdoor shoes or Lowa hiking boots:

Ankle-high shaft: Anatomically adapted hiking boots have an ankle-high and padded shaft that stabilises the ankle and protects you from painful injuries such as twisting an ankle or impacts.

Waterproof and breathable: Outdoor shoes that are waterproof and breathable are ideal for hiking in any weather thanks to their membrane incorporated into the outer material.

Treaded outsole: The heavily treaded outsole of high-quality hiking boots is both flexible and robust, giving you a secure grip even on rough terrain.

Women's hiking boots: Women's hiking boots with a slim fit are perfect for hikers who value comfort and convenience in a hiking boot.

Hiking shoes for men: Men's hiking shoes usually have wider shoe lasts and a wider shoe shape than women's hiking shoes, in order to optimally meet the needs of large men's feet.

Outdoor: trekking shoes for extended trekking tours

Robust trekking shoes for women and trekking shoes for men such as Meindl outdoor shoes or Lowa outdoor shoes prove to be ideal partners for extended trekking tours.These are the features to look for when buying high-quality outdoor shoes:

Lightweight uppers: Outdoor shoes that are suitable for trekking should be made of lightweight materials to avoid unnecessary ballast during the hike and thus relieve your feet.

Waterproof and wind-resistant: Breathable outdoor shoes that are waterproof, wind-resistant and breathable are perfect for keeping your feet warm and dry in all weather conditions.

High-grip tread sole: A high-grip tread sole with a high degree of flexibility allows you to engage with changing terrain during trekking, preventing you from slipping on steep rock formations or sloping terrain.

Fixed lacing: Trekking shoes are characterised by fixed lacing that can be individually adjusted if necessary, giving your foot additional stability and providing support for your ankle.

Outdoor: Running shoes for trail running through woods and meadows

Outdoor running shoes or outdoor trainers are ideal if your jogging route takes you through woods and meadows.Find out now which features are important when buying high-quality running shoes such as Meindl walking shoes for men and women or adidas outdoor shoes:

Cushioning treaded outsole: The treaded outsole of your outdoor jogging shoes ideally consists of several midsoles and an intelligent outsole construction that cushions and dampens your steps in a way that is easy on your joints.

Waterproof membrane: To ensure that neither rain nor snow can harm you on your daily run, outdoor running shoes have a waterproof membrane on the inside that reliably protects your feet from wetness and cold.

Reinforced areas: Reinforcements in the toe and heel area are particularly beneficial for trail running shoes, as they minimise the risk of injury and provide additional support during your runs.

Walking shoes.net-Onlineshop: Discover shoes, outdoor articles and much more now.

Whether adidas outdoor shoes, Lowa outdoor shoes or Meindl walking shoes for men and women: In the online shop of Wanderschuhe.net, you will not only find high-quality outdoor shoes such as hiking boots, trekking shoes or running shoes from renowned top brands, but also many other outdoor articles that ideally complement your passion for sports.Get your functional pair of outdoor shoes now, which are waterproof and impress with features such as breathability, robustness and flexibility.Complete your shopping with practical shoe and care accessories from Hiking Boots.net online shop, which not only makes your new outdoor shoes resistant, but also makes you fit again for the next excursion.Pamper your stressed legs with a revitalising lotion from the manufacturer Sixtus, which restores the suppleness of your muscles, or refresh yourself after a strenuous tour with our Sixtus Wash Tonic.Discover articles such as hiking socks or laces for your favourite sport and get high-quality care products such as shoe wax, waterproofing spray or brushes with which you can sustainably care for your new outdoor shoes.Browse through our various categories for professional hiking, trekking and running and benefit from our comprehensive range for ambitious hikers and runners.