Lowa winter shoes

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LOWA winter shoes: weatherproof boots for boundless leisure fun

Ambitious outdoor sports enthusiasts can't afford to ignore this brand: LOWA, the multiple international award-winning manufacturer of mountain boots and hiking shoes from Jetzendorf in Upper Bavaria.To ensure that adventures in the great outdoors continue in the cold season, the exclusive manufacturer has developed a range of high-quality cold weather boots for men and women.With the robust LOWA boots, you are well equipped for extended winter hikes.

Made in Europe: Winter boots by LOWA for the highest demands

The best materials and perfect workmanship - even almost 100 years after the founding of the southern German hiking boot manufacturer, this is the primary goal in the development and production of all models.After all, the shoe is the most important piece of equipment for all outdoor activities, which is why mountain enthusiasts and hikers all over the world swear by LOWA shoes even on tours in the most demanding terrain.Of course, this also applies to winter shoes.Finally, all LOWA winter shoes and LOWA winter boots impress with their comfortable fit, reliable insulation and good grip on ice and snow.

Renegade Evo Ice GTX: LOWA winter boots for leisure and everyday life

The LOWA Renegade Evo Ice GTX is a lace-up boot with a high shaft and sporty look for men and women.The boot made of robust smooth leather with water-repellent GORE-TEX® lining is the optimal companion on snow hikes in low temperatures.The sole offers safe slip resistance on snow-covered and icy trails thanks to the innovative Vibram® Arctic Grip technology, a special polymer component compound.The Renegade Evo Ice GTX Ws also has the same product features.The winter boot model variant made of smooth leather and nubuck is one of the lighter winter shoes with a weight of only 980 g per pair.

LOWA Montreal III GTX Mid: Men's winter boots by LOWA with individual lacing.

The Montreal III GTX Mid is a hiking boot whose shaft can be individually adjusted and laced.This means that the LOWA winter boot fits closely to the leg and prevents moisture from penetrating even in heavy snowfall.Like all Cold Weather Boots from the quality manufacturer, the boot is equipped with a waterproof, warming GTX Partelana lining.The special Winter Trac® sole made from an optimised rubber compound is particularly grippy and has a serrated stud arrangement for increased slip resistance in snow.

LOWA Isarco III GTX Mid: Boots with high wearing comfort

The lined men's winter boot Isarco III GTX Mid is the perfect companion in heavy rain or icy temperatures.The LOWA TPU sole is made of thermoplastic polyurethane and is extremely abrasion-resistant.The special Fit Frame sole construction, similar to a shell, ensures that the foot is optimally held in the winter shoe - a comfortable fit is thus guaranteed even when worn for long periods.

Calceta II GTX Ws: Non-slip LOWA winter boots for women

The Bavarian shoemakers have developed the Calceta II GTX Ws model especially for women.The waterproof boots in various colours are made from a durable combination of suede and microfibre.The soft GORE-TEX® Partelana membrane ensures warm feet in sub-zero temperatures with an additional warm lining made from 80% polyester and 20% wool.At the same time, breathability and a pleasant foot climate are guaranteed.For optimal cushioning and comfortable wear, the sole of the LOWA Calceta II GTX Ws is directly connected to the upper.

The right size for your LOWA winter boots

For comfortable wear and a secure foot hold, it is essential that a shoe fits properly.LOWA therefore offers winter boots for men and women not only in whole shoe sizes, but also in half shoe sizes.To find the right size for your LOWA winter boots, the manufacturer recommends - based on scientific findings - adding 15 mm to your foot length.For children, this guideline is 12 mm.Some models from the shoe manufacturer are also available with so-called W lasts.This provides more space in the ball of the foot for a wider foot or hallux valgus.

Properly clean and care for winter boots by LOWA with GORE-TEX® lining

LOWA shoes are characterised by their long service life.With proper care, the winter boots are guaranteed to accompany you for many years on all your outdoor adventures in winter.Please note the following information:

  • Guaranteed weather protection and breathability is provided by the innovative GORE-TEX® technology, which is standard in all LOWA winter shoes.The highly functional inner lining cannot wear out even with intensive use and is firmly incorporated into the shoe as an intermediate layer.Consequently, it does not require any special care.
  • Nevertheless, it is important to impregnate the upper material of the winter boots before the first outdoor use and regularly during subsequent use.GORE-TEX® footwear remains waterproof, but the lack of impregnation causes the outer material to become heavily soaked with water and, if necessary.moisture gets into the shoe through the lining at the edge of the shaft.Regardless of the waterproofing spray used, the membrane cannot be damaged.However, it is not advisable to put the shoes in an impregnation bath.
  • Winter shoes made of leather require additional care so that the upper material, which is heavily stressed by the cold and wet, does not become cracked or brittle.Leather wax is particularly good for restoring the desired suppleness.The use of products with a high oil and grease content, such as leather oil or grease cream, should be avoided at all costs.These care products clog the pores of the leather.This prevents the exchange of moisture, the water accumulates between the outer material and the membrane and cannot be transported away.

Extensive selection of LOWA winter shoes

Our online shop wanderschuhe.net specialises in selling high-quality outdoor shoes for the whole family.Of course, you will also find a large selection of LOWA hiking boots and winter boots such as the Renegade Evo Ice GTX for men and women or the popular Rufus GTX children's shoe model.Our LOWA product range is complemented by sturdy, comfortable hiking socks from the premium manufacturer.Shopping at wanderschuhe.net not only means a large selection of branded products at low prices, but also:

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