Nordic Walking Shoes

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Nordic Walking shoes for women and men

Nordic walking is one of the most popular endurance sports and is suitable for young and old alike. No wonder, after all, the sport can be practised practically anywhere and does not require any major purchases. However, for an effective and above all healthy workout, you need suitable footwear in addition to poles and the right technique. Special Nordic walking shoes are ideally designed for the special requirements of endurance walking.They help you to achieve the best possible performance when running on asphalt, gravel or soft forest soil, give you a secure hold and relieve the strain on your intervertebral discs and joints.

It is important that the Nordic Walking running shoes fit your feet and individual running habits.In our online shop, we offer you a large selection of different models from renowned brands such as adidas, Lowa and Meindl, which impress with great comfort, sophisticated functions, high-quality materials and excellent workmanship.Discover the perfect shoes for Nordic Walking now and find out how they differ from normal sports shoes.

Which shoes for Nordic Walking?

If you are serious about Nordic Walking as a sport, it is important to use suitable footwear.Conventional running or jogging shoes and everyday sneakers may be fine for initial testing.In the long run, however, they usually do not meet the demands of endurance sports.They either do not give you the necessary support, have an unsuitable tread for the surface or are not flexible enough in the sole to allow the typical rolling movement of the feet.The Nordic walking shoes for women and men from our shop, on the other hand, fulfil all the requirements that a good shoe for walking must have.But there are differences here too, which we will discuss in more detail in the following section and which you should bear in mind when buying your new Nordic walking running shoes.

Buying Nordic Walking shoes: How to find the perfect shoe

When buying new Nordic Walking shoes for men or women, you should pay attention to various factors.First and foremost, of course, is size.Since many Nordic Walking shoes have toe protection and are particularly heavily lined there, it makes sense to buy them one or half a size larger from the outset.This is especially true if you have an intermediate shoe size anyway.In addition, it is important that you choose a shoe that is designed for your gender.For example, our Nordic Walking shoes for women are adapted to the anatomical characteristics of women's feet.The best Nordic walking shoes are also characterised by the following features:

Breathable & water repellent

Nordic Walking is a sport that can be practised all year round.Good shoes adapt to the different seasons.Their breathable Gore-Tex membrane ensures optimal air exchange in spring and summer, so your feet don't sweat too much, and keeps them warm and dry in autumn and winter.So if you don't only want to walk in good weather, make sure that your Nordic walking shoes are waterproof.Of course, this also applies to our men's models and Nordic Walking shoes for children.A good example are the adidas Nordic Walking shoes and our Meindl Nordic walking shoes and Lowa Nordic Walking shoes.The brand shoes are each equipped with a Gore-Tex membrane and thus ensure a pleasant foot climate and constantly dry feet.

Damping & stable

When walking over different surfaces, good grip and effective cushioning are required.They help to prevent injuries and relieve your intervertebral discs and joints as much as possible.Good shoes for Nordic Walking fulfil both requirements.Prime examples here are our{Lowa Nordic Walking shoe, especially the Maddox GTX Lo model.This has both a stabilising support frame and efficient DynaPU damping.Of course, these Lowa Nordic Walking shoes are available for men and children alike.

Light & flexible

When you walk, you don't want to carry unnecessary ballast around with you.Therefore, your Nordic Walking running shoes should be as light as possible.Most of our shoe models weigh only a few hundred grams and are therefore hardly noticeable when running.A good example is our adidas Nordic Walking shoes in the Terrex model variant, which are optimally suited for walking at around 300 to 400 grams.In addition to their light weight, Nordic walking shoes for men and women should be as flexible as possible.This refers on the one hand to the fit and on the other hand to the sole, which should allow a smooth rolling movement of the foot.

Grippy sole

The sole of your shoes should be made according to the type of surface you walk on most of the time.If you prefer to walk off the beaten track, for example on sand, gravel or soft forest soil, the Nordic walking shoes for men and women should have a coarser tread.For tours on firm surfaces such as asphalt, on the other hand, a less pronounced profile is sufficient.

Best Nordic Walking Shoes: How they affect walking

High-quality Nordic walking shoes for men and women that fit optimally on the foot and feel comfortable bring many advantages.These make themselves felt in different ways when walking.Good Nordic Walking shoes:

  • give you noticeable security and stability
  • improve your performance when walking
  • support the rolling of your foot
  • cushion the impact on the ground
  • compensate for malpositions of your feet
  • prevent wear and tear and injuries
  • increase your enjoyment of Nordic Walking

Buy Nordic Walking shoes for men and women online!

Whether you are just starting to walk or you regularly walk with poles - in our online shop you will find the best Nordic walking shoes to accompany and optimally support you in your sport.These include Nordic walking shoes for women that are waterproof with a non-slip sole and pleasant cushioning, which ensure dry feet in wind and weather and prevent overloading.Of course, the visual aspect must not be neglected.Here, adidas Nordic Walking shoes offer a huge selection of modern designs that match sporty outfits.Meindl and Lowa Nordic walking shoes offer more classic designs.

If you are not only looking for Nordic Walking shoes, but also suitable footwear for other outdoor activities such as sporty hikes, extended hiking tours or leisurely walks, then you will find a large selection of other shoe models in our online shop such as hiking shoes and trekking shoes from well-known brands like Lowa or adidas.