Nordic Walking Shoes for Men

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Nordic walking shoes for men - the ideal footwear for endurance walking

To keep fit with Nordic walking, all you need is a good dose of exercise, a nice route, two poles and suitable footwear. When choosing shoes, however, you should make sure that they meet the requirements of this popular endurance sport. For example, the sole should be slightly rounded at the front and in the heel area so that you can roll your feet optimally and get the maximum training effect for yourself.Conventional sports or jogging shoes do not have this special feature.Therefore, it's best to decide directly on a pair of Nordic walking shoes for men.With their special construction, they support the typical Nordic walking running technique, give your feet a secure hold and protect your joints with their cushioning.

In the online shop of we offer you Nordic walking shoes for men in many designs and at attractive prices.These include popular models from well-known brands such as Adidas, Lowa or Meindl, which not only impress with their excellent workmanship, but also with an appealing design.Find the perfect pair of Nordic walking shoes for men in our range now, your feet will thank you for it! In our buying guide you can find out more about the shoes, including which features they should have for endurance walking.

What is important in Nordic walking shoes for men?

If you pay close attention, you will see people in parks and on forest paths who practice Nordic walking in ordinary sports shoes or sneakers.This may not be a problem for individual walks, but in the long run it puts too much strain on joints and tendons and increases the risk of injury.If you want to practice Nordic Walking as a serious sport, good and above all suitable shoes are therefore indispensable.For orientation purposes, we will go into the most important features that good Nordic walking shoes for men should have in the following.

Rounded sole with good grip

The conscious rolling of the feet from heel to toe distinguishes Nordic Walking from normal walking.It is important to perform this technique correctly, otherwise there is a risk of various complaints such as knee or back pain in the long run.A good aid are Nordic walking shoes whose sole is slightly rounded at the toe and heel and thus specifically supports the rolling movement.The sole should also have a grippy tread that suits your preferred routes.Soft and stony soils require a deeper tread, while flat surfaces such as asphalt require a less pronounced tread.


It's normal to sweat when you're on a brisk walk.To keep your feet dry and avoid running hot, it is important that Nordic walking shoes are as breathable as possible.Many models therefore have a so-called Gore-Tex membrane, which enables optimal air circulation and helps to transport excess moisture and heat from the inside of the shoe to the outside.

Flexibility and stability

To allow the feet to roll smoothly when walking, it is important that the soles are as flexible as possible and yet stable.You can test this by bending the sole with your hands.The more flexible the shoe is here, the better it is suited for Nordic Walking.Equally important is the stability of the shoes: For Nordic walking, the men's shoes should be well padded at the heel, on the outer sides and in the forefoot area and give you noticeable support.This way, the risk of accidentally twisting your ankle is significantly lower.


Nordic Walking involves your whole body.This also means that vibrations are transmitted to all areas such as the intervertebral discs when they occur.It is therefore all the more important that you choose shoes for Nordic walking for men that have good cushioning.It absorbs the shock when stepping and thus reduces the stress on tendons and joints.The degree of damping depends on the terrain and your weight, among other things.If you are heavier, you need more cushioning, as well as if you are riding on asphalt.


When Nordic walking in autumn and winter, you may have to walk through a puddle or two.To keep your feet dry, it is advisable to buy Nordic walking shoes for men that are waterproof.Here again, the Gore-Tex membrane plays an important role: it reliably prevents water from penetrating the shoes from the outside, but at the same time allows air and moisture to escape from the inside to the outside.If waterproofing is important to you, you should therefore look specifically for shoes with Goretex for men.

Tip: Nordic walking shoes for men that are waterproof can be recognised by the GTX suffix in the name.The GTX is the abbreviation for Gore-Tex.

What else is important?

  • Weight: Nordic walking shoes for men should be as light as possible, because on longer tours a very heavy shoe can quickly become an additional burden.
  • Last: Even with small feet, you should always opt for a men's model, as this is optimally adapted to the anatomical conditions of men's feet.
  • Cut: Low-cut shoes are the ideal choice in summer, mid-cut shoes in winter.The latter protect you better against twisting and water penetration from above.

Good to know: The tips mentioned above do not only apply to the purchase of men's shoes, but also if you are looking for suitable Nordic walking shoes for children and women.

What are the best Nordic walking shoes for men?

Before buying new Nordic walking shoes for men, it is always useful to look at some expert opinions on the different shoe models.In relevant trade magazines, you can often find tests in which Nordic walking enthusiasts put the shoes through their paces and evaluate them.One shoe that is often convincing is the LowaInnox Pro GTX.The both Nordic walking and hiking shoes for men usable outdoor shoes were able to secure the grade "very good" in the magazine "outdoor", among others.The Nordic walking shoes for men with Gore-Tex membrane were praised for their good fit and balanced, medium-strong cushioning.

A versatile all-rounder that impressed in the "Bergsteiger" test is the Adidas Terrex Two GTX.The Nordic walking shoes for men are waterproof, breathable and suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities.Highlights are the grippy sole, the low weight, the cushioning EVA midsole and the excellent energy return.Discover many more Nordic Walking shoes for men from Lowa, Meindl and Co. in our online shop.

Buy Nordic Walking shoes for men online - now on Walking!

You have chosen the route for your first Nordic walking round and already bought a pair of poles? Then all you need now is the right pair of Nordic walking shoes for men to finally set off! In our online shop you will find a large selection of shoes that support you while walking and give you a secure hold.These include Nordic walking shoes for men with Gore-Tex, which are breathable and waterproof and allow you to practise the sport even in rainy weather.Choose the shoes that suit you best from many different designs.

You don't want to walk alone, but with the whole family? A good idea, after all, sport is twice as much fun in a group! Of course, you will also find the necessary equipment on walking we offer you both Nordic Walking shoes for children as well as Nordic Walking shoes for women.Do you have any questions or requests? No problem: Our experienced team of advisors will be happy to help you by e-mail or telephone!