Climbing shoes for men

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Operational area
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Upper material
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Climbing shoes for men - for surefootedness when climbing and bouldering

Whether indoors or outdoors: every step has to be right when climbing. That's the only way you can reach the top and achieve your goal. In addition to physical fitness and a cool head, you need good grip. This is provided by climbing shoes for men, which are specially designed for climbing indoor and outdoor walls. Thanks to their close fit and the special construction of the sole, the shoes offer a high level of surefootedness.This way you can find a foothold even on the smallest ledges and overcome challenging overhangs even more easily and safely.

In the online shop of you will find a constantly growing selection of high-quality bouldering and climbing shoes for men from renowned outdoor brands such as Lowa.In order to make it easier for you to choose the right shoes, we offer you answers to the most important questions in our small climbing shoe guide, such as:What is important when buying climbing shoes?What do terms such as downturn and pretension mean?And: What different types of climbing shoes are there for men?

Why do I need climbing and bouldering shoes for men?

Climbing and bouldering are sports that challenge your mind and body to the maximum.Especially your hands and feet are extremely stressed when climbing on rock walls and bouldering walls in the hall.While your hands and especially your fingers can cope well with such stresses, it's a different story for your feet: they quickly scrape up when they come into contact with the rough rock.In addition, the toes do not have enough strength to cling to small protrusions.

Special climbing shoes compensate for these deficits of the human foot by fitting tightly like a second skin, giving you a good feeling for the wall and reliably protecting you from injury.Furthermore, climbing shoes for men allow you to concentrate your strength precisely when bouldering or climbing and to find a secure hold even on small ledges thanks to grippy rubber soles.But there are also big differences in climbing shoes.They concern, for example, the hardness of the sole rubber, the pretension, the type of upper material and closure or the last shape.

All-rounder or high-performance: the difference between climbing shoes for men

When you buy climbing shoes for men, you have a choice between all-rounder and high-performance models.We would like to introduce you to the typical features of the climbing shoe types here:

Allrounder - for beginners and fans of longer climbing tours

All-rounder climbing shoes for men are ideal for beginners or people who like to do easy multi-pitch tours or stay flexible and switch between rock, climbing and bouldering walls as the mood takes them.The shoes only have a low preload and little downturn, which increases the comfort and the possible uses of the climbing shoes for men in bouldering and climbing.Most all-rounders also have a Velcro fastener or a conventional lacing system to make it easy to put on and take off and to adjust the fit individually.Most all-round climbing shoes for women and men also have a hard sole that ensures long durability and high stability.

High performance - for demanding climbers

High-end models are the right choice when the rock orClimbing wall is your second home and you might even collect metres in competition.Typical features of these climbing shoes for men are a high preload and a pronounced downturn.In addition, professional models such as the X-Boulder from Lowa fit very snugly and do without comfort such as an inner lining to improve the hold on the foot during heelhooks, for example.In addition, some high-end bouldering shoes for men have asymmetrically shaped lasts so that the power can be applied more precisely.Another feature of professional climbing shoes for men is the sole: here, a Vibram XS sole is often used, which is characterised by a good grip on demanding climbing routes.

Good to know: A hard sole offers advantages for small-step passages, while a soft sole is ideal for friction climbing.

Climbing shoes for men: what downturn, asymmetry and pretension mean

When bouldering and climbing, it is important in many situations that you can concentrate your strength optimally on the toe area.One feature of climbing shoes that helps you with this is the so-called pretension.It refers to the tension that is built up inside the sole via an elastic band at the heel.It can be recognised by the more or less pronounced curvature in the heel area depending on the tension.Climbing shoes with a high preload are less flexible, but allow you to direct your power into the forefoot, which can be an advantage on demanding routes with very narrow footholds.The preload also plays an important role when you are on strong overhangs and want to hook in with your toes or heel (also called "hooking" among climbers).

Another term that is used again and again in connection with climbing shoes is downturn.This is often used synonymously with pretension, but this is not correct.Rather, downturn refers to the forefoot area that bends downwards to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the climbing shoe.This bend is intended to facilitate pulling towards the wall, which is required, among other things, when climbing in very overhanging roofs.The terms asymmetry and symmetry are also frequently used in climbing shoes.They designate the last, which can be asymmetrical or symmetrical in shape.In the asymmetrical shape, the foot is bent inwards and thus brought into a position that facilitates stepping on small steps.In contrast, the symmetrical last resembles that of a conventional street shoe.

Lacing, Velcro or slip-on: Which type of closure is best for climbing shoes?

Depending on the model, the closure of the climbing shoe can vary.Here it is primarily a matter of personal taste, because each type of closure has its advantages.

Velcro fastener

Climbing shoes for men with Velcro fastenings can be put on and taken off quickly and effortlessly, but naturally do not fit as tightly on the foot.For a secure fit and stable hold, it therefore makes sense to go for a slightly narrower cut model.For individual fitting options, shoes with large Velcro surfaces and opposing Velcro fasteners are recommended, with one fastener going from right to left and one from left to right.Popular models from our range include Lowas Parrot VRC and Rocket Alpin.The latter are also suitable as climbing shoes for women.

Lace fastener

Climbing shoes for men with laces, on the other hand, can be optimally adapted to the shape of the foot.Depending on the shape of the foot and individual preference, the lacing can be pulled looser or tighter.bouldering, a fixed lacing is preferable.The tight weave improves the feel of the footfall, as the shoe follows all movements without twisting away.During breaks, the fit can be loosened a little without having to take the shoe off right away.Although it takes a little longer to put on and take off these shoes, which can be somewhat impractical, especially when bouldering, the closure is usually more durable.A popular model for advanced users is, for example, Lowas Rocket Lacing Unisex.


Climbing orBoulder shoes for men without fasteners ("loafers") must fit perfectly from the outset and be very tight on the foot, as their fit cannot be adjusted afterwards.This makes it not quite as easy to put on and take off (and especially less suitable for beginners), but can be made easier by a donning loop.Some models have an elastic closure that makes the shoe easy to put on, but hard to adjust to the individual foot shape.Slip-on shoes are often used for bouldering.Lowa offers the Rocket Slip On, for example, with this type of closure.

Order climbing and bouldering shoes for men online - now on!

You can't wait to finally climb that one rock face or master the bouldering wall of the next difficulty level? Then our climbing shoes for men for bouldering or climbing are made for you: From beginner and all-rounder models to professional climbing shoes, you'll find a large selection of brand shoes for your next adventures in our online shop.Choose the climbing shoes for men that suit you best from different designs and colours! If you need help or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.We look forward to hearing from you!