Climbing shoes for ladies

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Climbing shoes for women - for optimal performance and safety on the wall

Whether indoors or on a natural rock face: when bouldering and climbing, you want to reach high and master the most complex climbing moves possible. In addition to full concentration and a well-trained body, you need good support. This is provided by the bouldering and climbing shoes for women, which you can find in different designs in our online shop.The special shoes from manufacturers such as Lowa are designed solely for use in bouldering and climbing, from the lacing to the sole to the fit, and give you a high level of surefootedness both indoors and outdoors.You'll find your footing even on small rocky outcrops and take difficult passages in your stride.

Discover cheap climbing and bouldering shoes for women from renowned brands in our online shop now, which combine high-quality materials with the best workmanship and give you a noticeable advantage in your hobby.To make it easier for you to choose the right climbing shoes for women, we have summarised the answers to the most important questions such as "What does downturn or preload mean?" or "What types of climbing shoes are there for women?

Why do I need climbing or bouldering shoes for women?

If you're just starting out with bouldering or climbing, you're probably wondering whether it's possible to do it with your normal sports shoes or barefoot.Theoretically, you can do your first attempts with normal shoes or without shoes, but this is not recommended.In many bouldering and climbing gyms it is even strictly forbidden.There are several reasons why you should wear climbing or bouldering shoes for women.One of them is that your hands and feet are put under a lot of strain on both the artificial and the natural rock wall.While the fingers can cope well with such stresses, the risk of injury to the feet - especially for beginners - is great.The right footwear protects your feet and enables you to find a secure hold on the wall through its fit and flexibility.

Another reason that speaks in favour of climbing and bouldering shoes for women is the special way in which the climbing shoes are made.It helps you to concentrate your strength on the wall with pinpoint accuracy and to push off powerfully in order to overcome difficult obstacles or to reach even higher.However, there are big differences between bouldering and climbing shoes.Among other things, they concern the degree of hardness of the sole, the so-called pretension, the type of closure and the last shape.

Climbing shoes for women: all-rounder or high-performance?

Climbing orBoulder shoes are roughly divided into two types: all-round shoes and high-performance shoes.Most models are unisex, but in our online shop you will also find special women's models with lasts adapted to the anatomy of the female foot.

Allrounder - flexible shoe with high comfort

Allrounder climbing shoes for women are ideal for beginners and longer climbing tours.Thanks to their flexibility, they can be used for both bouldering and climbing, giving you the opportunity to switch between the two sports as you please.In addition, the all-rounders are usually characterised by the following features:

  • low preload and little downturn
  • comfortable fit for high wearing comfort
  • hard, durable sole for high stability
  • Velcro fastening (Velcro) or lacing

High-performance - professional shoe for demanding climbs

A high-performance climbing shoe is the right choice if you spend every free minute at the bouldering or climbing site.You can spend a lot of time on the climbing wall or compete with others.The construction of the shoe is designed for maximum performance and helps you to get the best out of yourself when bouldering or climbing.Typical features of high-performance shoes are:

  • high preload and strong downturn
  • tight fit for optimal foot feeling
  • sometimes asymmetrically shaped lasts
  • grippy sole (e. g.B.Vibram XS) for optimal grip

Good to know: climbing shoes for men and women with a hard sole are particularly suitable for small-step passages, while shoes with a soft sole offer advantages for so-called friction climbing.By the way: If the sole is worn out at some point, you can simply have your climbing shoes resoled and thus make a contribution to environmental protection.

Climbing shoes for women: what asymmetry, downturn and pretension mean

When you buy climbing or bouldering shoes for women, you will always come across the terms asymmetry, downturn and preload.We will explain what is behind these terms in the following.

Pretension: The term refers to the tension within the sole.This can be recognised by the more or less pronounced curvature in the heel area, depending on the strength of the tension.A climbing shoe with an aggressive preload is less flexible, but allows you to stand with your toes on extremely narrow lasts.Heavily pre-stressed climbing and bouldering shoes for women are ideal for small-step routes and light overhangs.

Downturn: The downturn refers to the bend in the forefoot area, which is directed downwards to a greater or lesser extent depending on the shoe model.The purpose of this bend is to make it easier for you to pull yourself towards the wall when climbing.This feature is an advantage, among other things, when climbing in overhanging roofs.

Asymmetry / Symmetry: The terms describe the last, which is shaped asymmetrically or symmetrically depending on the shoe.Climbing shoes with an asymmetrical shape are curved inwards and make it easier to step onto very narrow ledges, among other things.Symmetrical lasts, on the other hand, are straight and therefore more comfortable, but offer less support and hold in demanding areas.

Lacing, Velcro fastening or slip-on: what are the differences between the fastening types?

When bouldering and climbing, it is an advantage if your shoes fit like a second skin on your feet.This will give you a better feel for the wall and help you to master difficult passages.In addition to the perfect size, the closure type of the shoes plays a major role.There are three types of closures for women's climbing and bouldering shoes.

Velcro fastener

Climbing and bouldering shoes for women with Velcro fastenings, such as the Parrot VRC from Lowa, can be put on and taken off quickly, but have a less tight fit.Professionals therefore recommend that you go for a smaller size and then adjust it to your foot using the fasteners.Depending on the model, the shoes have different numbers of Velcro fasteners (usually 2 to3).

Lace fastener

Boulder orClimbing shoes for women with a classic lace-up closure, such as the Parrot Lacing from Lowa, can be worn looser or tighter as desired.Most climbers prefer a very tight lacing because the shoe gives better feedback and does not bend or twist away.The lacing can be widened during climbing breaks.


Climbing shoes for women without fasteners like the Rocket Slip On from Lowa are also called slip-ons.With these models it is important that they fit perfectly right away, as subsequent adjustment is not possible here.Putting on the tight-fitting loafers can be difficult, especially for beginners, which is why the models are more suitable for experienced climbers and professionals.

Order climbing and bouldering shoes for women online - now on Hiking!

No matter if you are just starting bouldering or climbing or if you are already an old hand on the wall: the right shoes help you to practice your hobby safely and to master new levels of difficulty.In our online shop you will find a large selection of bouldering and climbing shoes for women, which are suitable for beginners as well as for ambitious hobby and professional climbers.Choose the climbing shoes for women that suit you best from different colours, designs and fastenings.If you need help with your selection, you can always contact us by email or phone.

If you want to go climbing with your partner and are looking for shoes for him, take a look at our climbing shoes for men and order the right pair right away!