Meindl hiking boots for men

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Meindl hiking boots for men - Tradition made in Bavaria

Whether it's an expedition, an alpine mountain tour, a trekking adventure or a hike through local forests - when quality counts when it comes to equipment, Meindl hiking boots for men are often the first choice. The shoemaker family from Kirchanschöring in Upper Bavaria has been manufacturing outdoor shoes with the "Made in Germany" quality label for over 300 years. As in the past, a large part of the work steps for Meindl men's shoes are carried out by hand using traditional methods.

In addition to its expertise in craftsmanship, the family business is also known for its design, the use of high-quality materials and technical innovations: excellent in-house developments such as Air Revolution, MFS Vacuum or the Memory Foam System make men's hiking boots from Meindl even more comfortable.Whether robust mountain boots, light trekking shoes or comfortable long-distance hiking boots: Meindl shoes for men help you to master every tour.

Meindl shoes for men: What models are available?

Lightwalker: Perfect for beginners

From fashionable leisure shoes to reliable high alpine shoes, Meindl offers outdoor shoes for men for various purposes.The entry into the Meindl world is the Lightwalker: these light and fashionable shoes are in a category with the Adidas Terrex for men and are specially designed for everyday wear and light outdoor tours.A model from this category available in various heights and colours is the Rialto.Like all Meindl GTX for men, the all-rounder has a breathable and waterproof Gore-Tex lining and a Vibram sole for maximum grip.On the outside, high-quality nubuck leather and decorative stitching ensure an elegant look.With Meindl Comfort-Fit for men, some leisure models offer additional comfort thanks to a particularly wide footbed.

Meindl hiking boots for men: Breathable and robust

In a class of their own are the Meindl hiking boots for men: Models such as Meran, Tramin or Tonale reflect all the experience of the traditional German company.The Air Revolution hiking boots for men from Meindl are a highlight with a modern look.They offer a mix of robust nubuck leather and mesh on the outside and a breathable Active Air footbed on the inside.The self-developed Air Revolution technology ensures an optimal foot climate by pumping air out of the shoe and sucking in fresh air while running.Optimal grip is guaranteed by the Meindl Multigrip 3 sole from Vibram.These and other Meindl men's hiking shoes are the right choice if you like to go on hikes and hut tours on varying surfaces.By the way, a similarly high-quality alternative are the Lowa hiking boots for men from our shop.

Meindl trekking shoes for men

Meindl trekking shoes for men are the perfect equipment for tours on unpaved paths, via ferrata and scree sections.Models such as Engadin, Iceland and Litepeak are particularly popular with trekking fans.High-quality and breathable upper materials, waterproof Gore-Tex lining, a grippy Vibram sole and innovations such as Air Active and Variofix characterise these Meindl men's trekking shoes.

Of course, it is not only men who can enjoy the quality of Bavarian craftsmanship.Meindl hiking boots for women can also be found in the shoemaker's range.Where you can't get any further with trekking boots and even Meindl hiking boots for men reach their limits, the special field of mountain boots begins.

Meindl mountain boots for men: Perfect if you want to go to the very top

If you want to leave the beaten track and move into alpine terrain, shoes with special qualities are in demand.Prime examples of first-class craftsmanship are models such as Jorasse, Breithorn or Perfekt.With this special footwear, you are safe even on scree and glaciers thanks to the soles specially developed for mountain tours.As with all Meindl GTX for men, a Gore-Tex membrane in the mountain boots ensures optimum breathability and dry feet.The Air Active system of the Meindl shoes for men ensures continuous moisture transport and offers pleasant cushioning.

Meindl hiking boots for men: Which are the most popular models?

Meindl's range includes some perennial favourites that the company has been offering for decades and that are popular with mountaineers and hikers all over the world.One of them is the Island model: the breathable and waterproof Meindl hiking boot for men has been part of the range for 30 years and has long since achieved cult status.Also in our shop, the Meindl men's shoe, available in variants such as "alpine", "light", "rock" and "wide", is one of the top sellers.The Sölden model is just as popular: the Meindl winter boots for men ensure warm and dry feet with a removable inner shoe made of thermal lining and a woven fur footbed as well as a raised rubber galosh.

Meindl Identity for men: trekking and hiking shoes with history

The Meindl hiking shoes for men in the Identity product line are a speciality: Meindl Identity hiking boots for men.Because the models with names like Avola, Bergamo, Tessin or St.Anton have a unique identification number embossed into the leather.You can follow the history of leather online, from the alpine meadow to the tannery and all the way to production.Hardly any other manufacturer offers such transparent insights into the history of the development of a hiking boot.Discover the Meindl hiking shoes for men made of leather with the unique certificate of origin in our shop now.

How can I care for my Meindl hiking boots for men?

After a long tour, your Meindl hiking shoes for men deserve extensive care.This is not only for looks, but also for durability, because a regularly maintained shoe will serve you faithfully for many years.

  1. It is best to start by removing the laces.This makes it easier to clean the eyelets and other hard-to-reach places.
  2. In the second step, you also remove the footbed.Now you can rinse your Meindl men's hiking boots inside and out with clean, lukewarm water.
  3. With a natural brush, even stubborn dirt doesn't stand a chance.Rub the shoes with the brush until all dirt is removed.
  4. Now let your Meindl hiking boots for men dry in a shady place.To speed up the drying process, you can stuff the inside of the shoes with newspaper.Important: Do not put your walking shoes in direct sunlight, on or near a heater or near the stove, as this could damage the leather.
  5. Finally, it is advisable to re-waterproof the hiking boots and treat them with a wax if necessary.

Your new Meindl shoes for men at

Are you looking for the perfect shoes for your next hike, your trekking adventure with friends or your first crossing of the Alps? In each of these cases, Meindl hiking shoes for men are the right choice! In our online shop, we offer you a large selection of different models, from classics to the latest models.

Order your Meindl hiking boots for men cheaply and securely online now and take advantage of our great service offer.We are happy to advise you free of charge and help you find the perfect mountain, trekking or hiking boot.