Meindl trekking shoes

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Meindl trekking shoes - tradition meets innovation

Are you looking for robust footwear for your next trekking tour? Then Meindl trekking shoes are just the thing for you. The outdoor shoes from the manufacturer based in Kirchanschöring, Bavaria, combine centuries of shoemaking tradition and excellent craftsmanship with forward-looking innovations. The result is comfortable and durable trekking shoes for men and women that, thanks to their grippy soles and sturdy workmanship, will get you to your destination safely and comfortably over scree and snow fields as well as via ferrata, even with a heavy pack on your back.

Discover in walking online shop now offers the top models from the trekking shoe collection by Meindl, such as the Bernina 2 and Island MFS Active designed in a traditional look or the sporty top seller Litepeak GTX for men and women.And again and again at favourable offer prices, where you can save significantly compared to the recommended retail price (RRP).Tip: In our following guide, you can find out more about the special features of Meindl trekking shoes and what you should look out for when buying them.In addition, we present some of the most popular models of the outdoor brand recommended by trekking professionals.

What makes Meindl trekking shoes so special?

Many outdoor fans automatically associate high-quality mountain and hiking shoes with the name Meindl.No wonder, after all, the German family business from idyllic Kirchanschöring in Chiemgau can look back on more than 300 years of history as a shoemaker and is more popular than ever today.The brand owes this above all to the excellent quality of its outdoor, trekking and hiking shoes, which are largely made using traditional craftsmanship despite all the technical advances.For example, the production of high-quality trekking shoes requires an average of 200 individual work steps, which are carried out in the outdoor professional's factory under the guidance of experienced master shoemakers.

Despite all the tradition, however, the manufacturer by no means shies away from innovations in the trekking shoe sector.On the contrary: the Bavarians are themselves one of the biggest innovators in the outdoor footwear sector and offer cleverly thought-out solutions with technologies such as Air Revolution(R) , MFS Vakuum(R) or Ergonomic Fit technology, which make trekking even more comfortable.Did you know that the brand is best known for its genuine double stitching?These are Meindl outdoor shoes for hiking and trekking in which the sole is firmly stitched to the upper shoe.This special technology ensures a high durability of Meindl hiking boots and enables an uncomplicated and inexpensive replacement of the sole if necessary.

Hiking or trekking shoes: What are the differences?

You've probably already noticed: the terms hiking and trekking shoes are often used synonymously to describe robust outdoor footwear.There are differences between the two types of shoes that you should be aware of as a hiking and trekking fan.When hiking, you are usually on the move at a walking pace on mainly paved field, meadow or forest paths and carry a daypack with provisions at most.When designing hiking boots, the main focus is therefore on wearing comfort (cushioning and fit, etc.).) and weatherproofing (waterproof Gore-Tex membrane) are in the foreground.

Trekking tours, on the other hand, often last several days and take you over varying and sometimes very demanding terrain - usually with heavy luggage on your back.Meindl trekking shoes, but also those from other manufacturers in our range, are therefore much more robustly constructed than shoes for hiking.For example, they give you reliable support in the ankle area thanks to the high and firm shaft and the special lacing, which is especially important with a heavy backpack on your back.This reduces the stress on your ankle and the risk of twisting your ankle on sloping sections of the trail or on stony surfaces.In addition, Meindl trekking shoes for men and women are often equipped with a torsionally stiff sole, which provides optimum grip and a secure feel on difficult surfaces.

Meindl trekking shoes: The special features at a glance:

  • moderately pronounced cushioning
  • torsionally stiff (torsionally rigid) sole
  • Coarse and grippy tread for maximum surefootedness
  • high and stable shaft to protect against twisting an ankle
  • medium weight (between hiking and mountaineering boots)
  • Strong lateral support

Meindl trekking shoes for men and women: Here's what you should look out for when buying

If you want to buy a pair of Meindl trekking shoes for men or women, this is often a decision for many years thanks to the durability of the footwear.That's why you should pay attention to a few important points before buying new Meindl outdoor shoes.This is how you find the trekking shoe that you will enjoy for a long time.

Which is better: shoes with or without a membrane?

The weather resistance of trekking shoes is important, because on longer tours you can easily get into weather changes and then you are glad if the wet does not reach your feet.In Meindl's range you can choose between full leather boots such as the Badile, Berninea 2 or Ortler trekking boots and boots with an integrated Gore-Tex membrane such as the Minnesota Pro GTX or the AirRevolution 4.1.Which is better cannot be said in general terms.We recommend shoes made of full leather for trekking tours in dry and warm regions with 18 °C and above.They offer very good breathability, absorb sweat and can be protected against moisture and made almost waterproof by regular impregnation.In cool and wet regions, on the other hand, shoes with membranes have advantages.They are reliably waterproof and protect your feet from cold and wind.

What size is ideal for my Meindl trekking shoes for men and women?

We recommend buying Meindl trekking shoes for men and women a half to one size larger.This guarantees that you have enough space at the toes in the front area and won't bump into anything while running.This also gives you the opportunity to buy a pair of walking or hiking shoes.Wearing trekking socks in your shoes without them being too tight and pinching.If you've ever had a pair Meindl hiking shoes or Meindl hiking shoes, you can of course use their size as a guide.Tip: Make sure you also pay attention to the foot width.You can choose between normal lasts for slender to normal feet and wide lasts for wider feet.

Order Meindl trekking shoes for men and women online - now at

With trekking shoes from Meindl you are optimally equipped for your trekking adventures.From comfortable shoes for tours in the lowlands and low mountain ranges to robust trekking boots for use in the Alps, you will find suitable trekking shoes for all your activities.And, as always, at favourable prices and with competent specialist dealer advice on request.