Meindl Litepeak

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Operational area
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Lining material
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Upper material
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Sole material
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Meindl Litepeak GTX: Comfortable lightweight hiking boot with a sporty look

On longer hikes and trekking tours with a light pack, the choice of footwear plays a major role. On the one hand, it must offer you secure grip on slippery surfaces with the help of a sole with the best possible grip, but at the same time it should also be comfortable and protect your feet from external influences such as cold and wet. A hiking boot that fulfils these requirements and also scores points with other innovative functions is the Meindl Litepeak GTX.The versatile and at the same time fashionable shoe is available for women, men and children and has already received top marks in many tests.Convince yourself of the qualities of the comfortable all-round hiking shoe and shop your Meindl Litepeak now on walking online! Tip: With our practical filter function you can now find the perfect hiking boot even faster.Simply select the area of application, gender, last shape, size and desired colour and with one click you will be shown suitable models from our range.

What makes the Meindl Litepeak GTX stand out?

If you enjoy easy hikes in low mountain ranges or alpine terrain, the Litepeak GTX from Meindl the ideal partner, because the sporty all-rounder can score with a number of advantages.One of the most important features of the hiking boot is, of course, the grippy sole.Meindl uses the Multigrip 3 Alpin Light sole from Vibram, with which you will find reliable grip on both firm and difficult terrain thanks to the well-defined tread.The air cushioning integrated into the midsole of the Meindl Litepeak for men and women in the forefoot area provides comfort and noticeable relief on longer and more demanding tours.

Variofix lacing system for optimal fixation

A good and firm fit of the hiking boots is indispensable in difficult terrain.For this purpose, Meindl equips its Litepeak GTX with a low-set lacing and the so-called Variofix system.The latter runs in the form of a "Speed Wires" around the heel of the shoe and thus allows for an even and optimal fixation on the foot.If your tours take you into areas where you occasionally have to climb over roots, stones and rocks, good protection for your feet is extremely important.Meindl's Litepeak hiking boots prevent you from injuring yourself in collisions with reinforcements around the shoe and a solid toe cap in the forefoot.

Comfortable weight and weatherproof Gore-Tex membrane

The longer you are on the trail, the more the weight of the hiking boot affects you.A shoe made of heavy materials makes you tire more quickly.With the Litepeak, Meindl relies on a material mix of soft yet robust suede and synthetic (mesh).The combination makes the hiking boot pleasantly light and flexible without reducing its durability.Last but not least, weather and water resistance play a major role in choosing the perfect walking shoes.As you can tell from the name, the Litepeak is equipped with a Gore-Tex membrane (GTX = Gore-Tex).The membrane has countless microfine pores that are so small that water droplets cannot pass through them.This means your feet stay reliably dry even in heavy rain and when crossing streams and puddles.Despite being waterproof and windproof, warm and moist air can easily escape from the inside of the shoe.Sweaty feet don't stand a chance in the first place.The high shaft also prevents water from penetrating the hiking boot from above.

The advantages of the Meindl Litepeak at a glance

  • Robust and grippy Vibram sole for easy to challenging terrain
  • Leather/mesh upper for high durability and optimal flexibility
  • Breathable as well as wind- and waterproof Gore-Tex membrane
  • Variofix lacing system for perfect fixation of the shoe on the foot
  • Pleasant cushioning for optimal comfort

Important: Regardless of your shoe size, you should always choose a shoe that is suitable for your gender.For women, for example, the Meindl Litepeak Lady models are the right choice.Their lasts are adapted to the special anatomy of women's feet and support them better during hiking than, for example, a men's shoe can.

Why a hiking boot from Meindl?

Meindl, the shoe manufacturer based in the tranquil Bavarian community of Kirchanschöring, can look back on a long company history.Shoemaker Lukas Meindl laid the foundation stone for the traditional company back in 1928. Even back then, the focus of the family business was on manufacturing robust mountain and hiking boots that would take their wearers safely over hill and dale to the summit and back again.In the past, as today, many of the brand's shoes, such as the Litepeak GTX, are largely made by hand.In addition to excellent shoemaking craftsmanship, the company, which is still family-run today, relies on carefully selected materials and innovative technologies, many of which were and are developed in-house.With a hiking boot from Meindl like the popular Litepeak GTX, you are choosing an excellently crafted piece of German craftsmanship that you can rely on one hundred percent on your mountain, hiking and trekking tours.

Order Meindl Litepeak for women, men and children online now!

Whether chic reed/graphite, bright orange or neutral lemon/graphite - with the fashionable colour combinations, the Meindl Litepeak for men and women cuts a fine figure with any outfit.In our online shop, you can choose your personal favourite from the most popular shades and order it conveniently online.If you need help, our competent team will be happy to assist you in word and deed.Whether you have questions about colour or size selection or would like advice about the Meindl Litepeak GTX for kids - we are always there for you by e-mail or phone!