Meindl Nordic Walking Shoes

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Meindl Nordic Walking shoes - the perfect footwear for endurance athletes

Nordic walking allows you to be active, train your physical fitness and enjoy the beauty of nature at the same time. And you can do this at your own pace, regardless of your age, weight or training level. Apart from enjoying walking and the right technique, all you need to practise this popular Nordic outdoor sport are poles and suitable footwear. Shoes in particular play an important role in walking, because they have to support the typical rolling movement of your feet during walking for effective training.In addition, it is important that the footwear gives you a secure hold on your tours and relieves your joints as much as possible with cushioning that is adapted to your weight.

A good choice for recreational sports are the Meindl Nordic Walking Shoes.The outdoor shoes of the traditional German brand convince with high comfort, excellent workmanship and high-quality materials and are therefore the perfect companions for your tours.In the online shop of you can choose from numerous Meindl shoes, choose the model that suits you best, both visually and functionally.You need help? No problem: In the following buying guide you can find out how walking shoes differ from normal running or sports shoes and which details you should pay attention to when choosing your Meindl Nordic walking shoes.

Why Meindl shoes are better for Nordic Walking than normal running or sports shoes

Beginners in particular often underestimate the importance of footwear for Nordic walking and do their rounds in sneakers or sports shoes.This is no problem for the first short trial rounds.In the long run, however, wearing sports shoes or sneakers can lead to problems such as joint pain and, in the worst case, even falls.The reason for this is that the shoes are usually not adapted to the special requirements of endurance sports.This applies in particular to the flexibility of the sole, the weight of the shoes and the shape of the tread.A good tread is especially important if you want to walk not only on asphalt paths, but also over gravel and meadows as well as through forests.

Meindl shoes show what a good walking shoe should look like and what functions it should have.Designed for Nordic walking and other outdoor activities, the Bavarian manufacturer's footwear is characterised by its lightweight construction, among other things, which is particularly advantageous on longer tours.In addition, the shoes provide maximum stability and comfort for the feet and relieve the strain on the intervertebral discs and joints through integrated cushioning.Another important feature of Meindl Nordic Walking shoes is the flexible sole, which is slightly rounded at the heel and toe.It supports the rolling movement of your feet during Nordic walking, which prevents pain and protects against accidental twisting.Last but not least, the Nordic walking shoes from Meindl shine with a high-quality and well-profiled outsole that offers you a secure grip on asphalt as well as on unpaved surfaces.

Good to know: If you suffer from congenital or acquired hallux valgus, your feet need more space, especially in the forefoot area.The Nordic Walking shoes from Meindl with Comfort Fit are ideal here.The wider last allows your feet to develop better in these shoes, which prevents pain.

Breathable and waterproof Nordic Walking shoes from Meindl

If you don't just want to walk in bright sunshine and 20 degrees Celsius, but also want to be active in the rain or even snow, then you should choose a Meindl Nordic Walking shoe with a Gore-Tex membrane, such as the Activo GTX, Maddox GTX or Innox Evo GTX.Most of these shoe models use a mix of suede and lightweight mesh for the upper and rely on a breathable and waterproof Gore-Tex membrane for the lining.The membrane consists of microscopic pores that prevent water drops from penetrating the shoes from the outside.So you can walk dry-footed through puddles, small streams, slush or rain with your Meindl Nordic Walking shoes.At the same time, the membrane allows moisture to escape in vapour form from the inside to the outside.This keeps your feet pleasantly dry and fresh even in warm outdoor temperatures or during sweaty walks.

At a glance: Meindl Nordic Walking shoes offer you these advantages

Meindl Nordic Walking shoes offer you many advantages when practising this endurance sport.Among other things

  • they offer an attractive and sporty design
  • they support the typical rolling of the feet through their flexibility
  • they relieve the strain on intervertebral discs and joints through gentle cushioning
  • they have lasts specially adapted to men's, women's and children's feet
  • they offer secure footing on both paved and slippery surfaces
  • keep feet dry thanks to the breathable and waterproof Gore-Tex membrane
  • take into account (in the case of Comfort Fit) foot malpositions such as hallux valgus
  • increase the fun of Nordic walking

Order Meindl Nordic Walking shoes for men and women - now online at!

No matter whether you are just starting Nordic walking or are already an old hand - the Nordic walking shoes from Meindl are the ideal companions for your tours and offer you the best possible support.From soft cushioning to non-slip soles and grippy treads to light weight and a breathable and waterproof membrane, the Meindl Nordic Walking shoes for men and women have everything you need for your favourite sport.Discover our range now and order your shoes conveniently and securely online.