Meindl mountain boots

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Operational area
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Meindl mountain boots: soar high with functional footwear

Are you planning a mountain hike and want to know which Meindl mountain boots are suitable for your equipment? The crucial difference between an easy hike and an alpine hike is the terrain. Usually, a mountain hike takes you on unpaved mountain paths through the medium or high mountains and requires good endurance and surefootedness. As soon as the paths become narrower, the ascents steeper and the trails more trodden, a sturdy mountain boot is essential for a mountain tour.Proven trekking and alpine boots from the traditional brand Meindl therefore have a grippy sole, a protective heel and toe cap as well as adjustable easy-roll lacing to get you safely and comfortably to your destination.Reinforced insides give you stable support on any terrain during an alpine hike and the high-quality material composition ensures optimum functionality.Find out now about the unique variety of models for men and women in hiking online shop and how you can find the right fit for your new mountain boots thanks to our tips.

Meindl mountain boots for men and women - which shoe for which application?

In the online shop of you will find a large selection of high-quality Meindl hiking boots for men and women, which feature an ideal combination of functional materials and craftsmanship.Waterproof uppers, breathable linings, cushioning footbeds and self-cleaning treaded outsoles are just some of the benefits that await you when you buy durable Meindl mountain boots for men and women.But which models are best suited for which area of use? Outdoor shoes in the Mountain & Hiking category are generally designed for use in areas B/C and C, and we tell you what is behind these designations:

- Category B/C: Meindl hiking boots for men and women in the B/C category are designed for rough terrain on slopes thanks to their high sole and shaft rigidity.Ideally suited for medium-difficulty alpine tours over rocks and scree, category B/C shoes offer you reliable support on slightly ascending mountain slopes and climbing paths, even on long trekking excursions with plenty of luggage.

- Category C: Meindl mountain boots for men, which belong to application area C, can be supplemented by a crampon with rocker thanks to their sole notch below the heel and are therefore the perfect choice for very demanding tours in the areas of trekking, high mountains and glaciers.Equipped with an extremely firm sole, category C shoes allow you to move safely even on rough terrain.

The right fit - how do Meindl hiking boots fit?

Experienced alpinists know: on a mountain tour, it is not only important to avoid missteps, but also to make the wrong choice.You can prevent the latter by taking a few minutes before the start of the tour to determine the right fit for your new Meindl mountain boots using our tips.Generally, outdoor shoes from the manufacturer Meindl are comparatively narrow, whereby the width of the last, the features and the respective model vary.In addition, the thickness of the hiking socks and the time of day when they are tried on determine the size.In general, it is therefore advisable to buy mountain boots one size larger and, if extra space is required in the forefoot area, to go for a model from the Comfort Fit series.

The sole test - determining the right length and width of Meindl mountain boots

You have ordered new mountain boots and before wearing them for the first time you want to test whether the chosen boot size will also stand up to real mountain conditions? One thing is certain: a well-fitting alpine boot should neither be too big nor too small, or too narrow or too wide, in order to guarantee surefootedness and support when alpine hiking.We have five tips to help you find out if the shoes you buy online really fit your foot shape and size.

Everything fits and nothing pinches? 5 tips for the perfect fit

1.Take the insoles out of the shoes and place your feet with hiking socks on the sole, the heel should be flush with the back edge of the sole.

2.Now check whether the front area between the sole and the toes is about one finger's width (approx.1 centimetre) space is available.This is especially important so that your feet have the necessary space in the shoe to slide forward when going downhill.

3.Also make sure that the outer edge of the foot does not protrude beyond the inner sole, otherwise the hiking boots will be too narrow and your feet will not be able to expand enough during a long mountain hike.

4.Likewise, the lateral edge of the sole next to your foot should not be significantly visible and the shoe should not be too wide, otherwise you run the risk of "swimming" in the shoe and not having enough support.

5.Now put the sole back into the mountain boot, try it on and walk a few steps in the flat.Make sure that the upper encloses your ankle firmly and that you don't feel any pressure on your toes, instep, instep or forefoot.Similarly, you should not feel like you are slipping out of the shoe with your heel when walking to avoid blisters later on.

Buy Meindl mountain boots online - now at

Thanks to our helpful tips on areas of use and fit, you are now optimally prepared for the purchase of your new Meindl hiking boots for men or women.To make your choice even easier, you can use the practical filter function when shopping in our online shop and choose between different models, sizes, materials and colours for your perfect Meindl mountain boots.Discover our wide range of highly functional mountain and alpine boots and order matching accessories such as comfortable insoles or suitable shoe care products at the same time.