LOWA winter boots for children

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Lowa winter boots for children - warm and weatherproof shoes for boys and girls

Whether it's an adventurous hike in deep snow, happy tobogganing fun in the sunshine or romping around the playground in cold, wet weather - in the cold season children need one thing above all: good footwear. This must keep the little ones' feet warm and dry in icy temperatures and damp weather, fit well and provide a secure grip on slippery surfaces. Many parents' first choice for children's winter boots are the shoes from the traditional manufacturer Lowa.In addition to its large selection of hiking and trekking boots for adults, the manufacturer from Jetzendorf in Upper Bavaria also offers a wide range of cosy and warm winter boots for kids, which impress with functional materials, great designs and high-quality workmanship.In the online shop of Wanderschuhe.net you can find the best winter boots from the Lowa children's shoes range now conveniently and inexpensively online.These include popular models such as the pretty Bianca GTX for little snow princesses or the stylish RAIK GTX in a cool snowboard boot look.

Why Lowa children's shoes are a good choice for winter

Children's feet that are still growing need special footwear.Lowa therefore manufactures most of its winter boots for children using special lasts that are tailored to the special needs of children's feet.For example, the height of important parts of the manufacturer's children's boots, such as the heel, instep or toe area, are adjusted to reduce the volume of the shoes.The result is a fit perfectly tailored to children that provides reliable support and gives little feet the best possible support.For extra support, some models like the RAIK GTX are equipped with the so-called Lowa Fit Frame.The sole of the Lowa children's winter boots is constructed like a shell and optimally embeds the foot.Some other models, such as the JONAS GTX winter boot, rely on the Lowa Monowrap frame.The special feature is that the midsole of the Lowa children's winter boots is shaped three-dimensionally in this case, which ensures pleasant wearing comfort and an optimal fall effect on uneven surfaces.

For dry children's feet: waterproof and windproof Gore-Tex membrane

To ensure that children's feet don't get wet when playing in the snow, Lowa equips most of its winter boots for kids with a Gore-Tex membrane.The great advantage of this innovative technology is that the winter shoes for children are reliably waterproof and yet breathable.Whether it's snow, slush or rain: thanks to Gore-Tex, wetness has no chance of penetrating the microfine pores of Lowa children's shoes for winter.At the same time, the water vapour generated by the heat in the shoe can easily escape to the outside.Thanks to the membrane, wind also has no chance of penetrating the Lowa winter boots for children, making tours possible in practically any weather.

For reliable grip: soles with non-slip treads

Both on hikes and when romping in the snow, it is important that the winter boots have good contact with the ground at all times.Lowa children's shoes for winter are therefore equipped with the Lowa PU sole, which has a profile adapted to the respective purpose and can score with many other advantages such as a low weight and good damping behaviour.Good grip in snow, off-road and on asphalt, for example, is provided by the AL-K-III sole with its coarse and outdoor-oriented tread.Safe steps on ice and snow are made possible by the children's Winter Trac sole from Lowa with its special groove and lug design.An all-rounder for little winter adventurers is the Jetzendorfer sneaker kids' sole, which with its diamond-shaped studs is suitable for both snowball fights and tobogganing.

Lowa winter boots for children: With lacing, Velcro or quick fastener?

A firm fit on the foot is particularly important for children's winter boots.Only in this way can the little ones find a secure footing while romping around and enjoy playing in the snow.The closure type of the winter shoes plays a major role.In addition to the classic lacing, which allows the shoe to adapt well to the shape of the child's foot, Lowa offers a wide range of boots with Velcro fastenings and combinations of both.For small children, winter boots with Velcro fastenings are the optimal solution, as they can put them on and take them off relatively easily without adult help.For older children who can already tie a bow, boots with pure lacing or a combination of lacing and stabilising Velcro fastening are a good solution.Alternatively, Lowa also offers children's winter boots with quick-release fasteners in models such as the FATINA GTX or the RAIK GTX.They have a lacing without a bow that can be easily tightened and loosened.

Buying Lowa children's winter boots: Here's what you should look out for when making your choice

If you want to buy your child a pair of Lowa children's boots for the winter, you should pay attention to a few points when choosing the shoes.It is especially important to choose the right size.Most experts recommend deliberately choosing a winter boot one size larger.This way, the feet still have enough room to move even when the child is wearing thick socks.However, the shoes should not be too big, otherwise the child will slip back and forth and not have a secure hold when running and climbing.In addition, you should also pay attention to the following things:

Order cosy and warm Lowa children's shoes for the winter online.

With the Lowa Kids Winter boots, little adventurers can enjoy a trip to the winter wonderland.Thanks to non-slip soles and a stable construction, kids always keep control when tobogganing or having wild snowball fights and don't lose their footing even on slippery slopes.The waterproof Gore-Tex lining ensures that the little ones' feet stay reliably dry in the Lowa children's winter boots and cosy and warm even on icy days.To put it briefly: With the boots of the Upper Bavarian shoe brand, winter can come quietly! Discover Lowa winter shoes for children in many sizes and beautiful designs now and order comfortably and securely online.

  • Lining: In normal winter weather, a shoe with a conventional Gore-Tex membrane and warm socks is sufficient.Especially for cold winter days, there are Lowa children's shoes with Gore Tex Partalana lining, which is made up of 80 percent polyester and 20 percent wool and offers children excellent protection against the cold.A popular Lowa winter boot for children with cosy, warm Partalana lining laminate is, for example, the COULOIR GTX Junior.
  • Shaft height: Depending on the intended use, the winter boots should have a certain shaft height.For everyday life at school or walks in changeable weather, so-called quarter-cut winter boots are a good choice.The upper of these models reaches above the ankle and thus offers good stability.At the same time, the sneaker-like cut makes the shoes look very sporty.For winter tours in unpaved terrain and sledding in deep snow and slush, mid-cut or hi-cut winter boots are perfect.They reach far above the ankle and are therefore even more stable.In addition, the Lowa winter boots for children prevent snow and wetness from penetrating from above even better thanks to the high shaft.