LOWA hiking boots/outdoor shoes children

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Lowa hiking boots for children: The footwear for little adventurers

Children love to discover nature on their own and cross streams, climb over rocks or climb trees in search of exciting adventures. It is important that the little ones wear suitable shoes that give them secure support and keep their feet pleasantly warm and dry in cold and wet conditions. Lowa hiking boots for children have proven to be a reliable partner for growing feet.The traditional company from Jetzendorf in Bavaria is known for putting a lot of development work into its range of children's shoes.This can be seen, for example, in the fact that Lowa uses its own lasts for its children's hiking boots, which are adapted to the special needs of children's feet.But the children's outdoor shoes designed in this country and manufactured in the EU can also convince with their high-quality materials, robust workmanship and attractive appearance.Discover our range now and find out more about the special features of children's shoes and what you should look out for when buying.

Does my child need Lowa children's hiking boots?

That's a perfectly valid question.If your child runs around in the garden, mainly on paved paths or gives free rein to its urge to move on sandy playgrounds, normal trainers or sports shoes are often sufficient.However, as soon as the terrain becomes more challenging and your offspring go adventuring in the forest, climbing trees or romping on stony/rocky ground, robustly made outdoor shoes like those from Lowa make sense.They give children's feet more stability, provide a secure grip with their non-slip and well-profiled sole and - depending on the model - prevent moisture from penetrating with a waterproof membrane.In any case, Lowa hiking boots for boys and girls are the better choice when you take your child on hikes or trekking tours in the mountains.Here, the outdoor shoes support the still growing feet, prevent accidental twisting and protect the kids' toes with special rubber reinforcements on the sole.Last but not least, children love the robust hiking and trekking shoes from Lowa because they are perfectly suited to their tastes with colourful designs.

Lowa hiking boots for children: Here's what you should look out for when buying

Lacing or Velcro fastening, low shoe or boot, leather or mesh fabric? In our online shop you will find Lowa outdoor shoes for children in many different variations.To make it easier for you to choose the right model, we will go into more detail here about the most important features and differences between trekking and hiking shoes for kids.

Low shoe or boot?

Whether a low shoe like the Lowa Maddox GTX Lo or a boot like the Lowa Kody III GTX Mid Junior is the right choice for your child depends on where the hiking tours will take them.For flat terrain and paved trails, Lowa hiking shoes for children ideal that reach just below the ankle.They allow your child a lot of freedom of movement and are super comfortable, but still offer the qualities of real hiking or trekking shoes with a grippy sole and robust upper material.For demanding mountain tours that take you alternately over rocks, gravel and meadows, our high Lowa children's trekking shoes or boots are the perfect choice.Hiking shoes the best choice.They protect the sensitive ankle area and give your child more stability due to the high shaft, which is especially important on stony paths where there is an acute risk of twisting an ankle.

With membrane or without?

Most Lowa trekking shoes for children and Lowa hiking shoes for children such as the Innox GTX Lo Junior or Ledro GTX Lo Junior are equipped with a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane.It offers the great advantage that no moisture from the outside can penetrate the shoe, but moisture from the feet can easily escape to the outside.Wild romping along the riverbed or in the stream as well as playing in the snow or in the rain is no problem.But shoes and boots without membranes also offer advantages in some situations.Especially in dry and warm weather, hiking and trekking shoes and hiking boots for children, which do not have a membrane, have better breathability.Good to know: You can recognise shoes with a waterproof membrane by the addition GTX (abbreviation for "Gore-Tex") in the product name.

Leather or synthetic?

Whether you choose Lowa trekking shoes for children made of a synthetic mesh fabric or leather is primarily a question of personal taste.But there are some differences between the materials.Outdoor shoes made of synthetic materials have the advantage that they are very light and often cheaper.Leather hiking boots, on the other hand, are particularly robust, have a very high-quality appearance and are therefore often a little more expensive.Lowa hiking boots for children offer the best of both worlds with a material mix of synthetic and leather.Good examples of this are the Robin Evo GTX Lo or the Ledro GTX Lo from the Lowa range.

More or less profile?

One of the most important features of good Lowa children's trekking shoes and hiking boots is a grippy sole.It prevents the little ones from losing their balance and falling when running over slippery tree roots, slippery rocks or muddy ground.As a general rule, the steeper and more slippery the surface, the coarser the tread of the sole should be.In flat terrain, on the other hand, the sole profile plays a less important role.However, good cushioning is indispensable for children's outdoor shoes.As a rule, various cushioning layers are used here to absorb shocks when stepping or small jumps occur, thus protecting the ligaments and joints that are still growing.

Lacing, quicklacing or velcro?

Children who can already tie a bow should preferably get a shoe with lacing.The advantage is that the Lowa trekking shoes for children can thus be individually adjusted and sit more firmly on the foot when walking.Among other things, this increases surefootedness, as the kids get a better feel for the ground.Alternatively, Lowa hiking boots for boys and girls with quicklacing system are available.Instead of having to tie a bow, it is sufficient here to pull the laces tight.Some shoe models (predominantly medium-high and high Lowa mountain boots for children) combine the practical Quicklacing laces with additional Velcro fasteners.

Order Lowa outdoor shoes for kids online - now in the wanderschuhe shop.net

Whether hiking boots, trekking shoes or hiking shoes for children - you will find suitable Lowa outdoor shoes for children for almost every need in our range.Popular with kids and parents alike, Lowa hiking boots impress with appealing designs, high-quality materials and, thanks to the children's lasts used, a fit that is good for growing children's feet.This makes hiking and trekking tours with parents or exciting solo adventures in the forest huge fun.Whether low shoes for hikes or high hiking boots for children - in the wanderschuhe online shop.net, you can always expect attractive offers that are worth taking advantage of.

The advantages of Lowa children's hiking boots at a glance:

  • offer children's feet good support and protect against twisting an ankle
  • prevent slipping on slippery and muddy surfaces
  • are reliably waterproof with a Gore-Tex membrane
  • allow the toes sufficient freedom of movement
  • are available in designs that children love