Hanwag mountain boots

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Operational area
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Upper material
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Hanwag mountain boots - perfect for summit strikers

If you want to get to the top on your tours, Hanwag mountain boots are the perfect companions. Because on narrow mountain paths, which can sometimes be solid and sometimes covered with loose scree, gravel, ice or snow, the robust outdoor shoes from the Upper Bavarian manufacturer are completely in their element. Thanks to their construction and the selected materials, the mountain boots guarantee the highest level of surefootedness on via ferrata and in pathless high mountains and offer reliable protection against cold and wet.If you want to go all the way to the top, some models can even be equipped with crampons.

Discover in the online shop of wanderschuhe.net Hanwag hiking boots for men and women, which are perfect for you and your outdoor passion, both visually and in terms of their technical features.If you would like to have a look at alternatives to Hanwag and compare the mountain boots of different manufacturers, no problem: in our shop you will find not only Hanwag but also mountain boots from other traditional German companies such as Meindl and Lowa.

Hanwag mountain boots as opposed to trekking boots

Mountain boots and trekking boots have many similarities: both have a rough tread that allows you to safely cross difficult terrain.They are breathable, waterproof depending on the upper material and reliably protect your foot from moisture from inside and outside.If required, both versions are also available as crampon-compatible models.The difference lies mainly in the even greater robustness.

In direct comparison, you can immediately feel that the surface and also the sole of the Hanwag mountain boots for children, men and women is stiffer than hiking or trekking boots.It can hardly be bent over, which is due to the additional sole layer under the midsole of the mountain boot.This so-called insole is made of carbon or plastic and increases the stiffness required for tours over inaccessible terrain.There are also differences in the shaft height: mountain boots usually have a higher shaft, which provides better stability and support for the ankle.

Buying Hanwag mountain boots: What you should look out for

If you want to buy a new pair of Hanwag hiking boots for men or women, you should pay attention to a few things.In addition to the design and shoe size, this includes the fit, shaft height and waterproofness of the shoes.Whether the Hanwag mountain boots are crampon resistant also plays a role depending on the planned tour.If you follow our tips, you will enjoy your new mountain boots for a long time and can relax and enjoy your outdoor adventures.


A good mountain boot must fit like a second skin and not pinch.Otherwise you run the risk of having to deal with painful pressure points and blisters on your tour.And in the middle of a mountain pass or a demanding via ferrata, that's the last thing you need.Therefore, make sure that your toes have at least one centimetre of space in front and above.This way they can move freely and do not bump into each other when running downhill.It also allows your feet to swell a little without being directly constricted.Important: If you're travelling in colder climates, make sure you have a warm lining and space for socks.In this case, simply choose one size larger.

Shaft height

A high shaft ensures safety on mountain hikes.Hanwag hiking boots for women and men usually have an upper up to above the ankle.This provides optimal protection from injuries caused by twisting on loose ground.The height of the shaft is particularly important when transporting luggage.The following applies: The more luggage you have with you, the higher the shaft height should be.If you have little luggage with you and your tour takes you over paved paths, the shaft can be a little lower.The advantage: The low shaft gives you more freedom of movement.


The weather in the mountains is unpredictable.One moment the sun was shining, the next it can be pouring down.Especially if you are travelling in regions with wet or unstable weather, you should choose Hanwag hiking boots that are waterproof.These are equipped with a Gore-Tex lining, which ensures that you reach your destination with dry feet.In warm and dry regions, you can also choose Hanwag hiking boots with leather lining.This is not waterproof, but offers a pleasant foot climate.

If necessary, you should also make sure that the Hanwag mountain boots are crampon resistant.

Distinguishing features of mountain boots

When choosing the ideal mountaineering boot, you should always consider the type of terrain your tour will take you over.Because with mountain boots, there are definitely differences in terms of the suitability of the footwear for certain types of terrain.If you are planning to climb a demanding via ferrata, for example, you will need crampons for a safe ascent.To be able to attach them, you need Hanwag mountain boots that are crampon resistant.To make it easier for you to choose the right boot, we will briefly introduce the three different types of mountain boots below:

Fully crampon resistant: These mountain boots are suitable for use in alpine high mountains, for ice climbing and for glacier tours.Features are the very stiff sole, the exposed sole edge for attaching crampons and the firm shaft.One popular model is the Sirius II GTX.The Hanwag leather mountaineering boots are crampon resistant and ideally equipped for alpine tours.

Conditionally crampon resistant: Mountain boots that are only conditionally crampon resistant are suitable for easy mountain tours and via ferrata without ice surfaces.Their sole and shaft are slightly less stiff than full crampon boots.The Yukon model is popular.The Hanwag leather mountaineering boots offer the option of attaching crampons with strap attachment if required.

Unsuitable for crampons: For easy mountain hikes, Hanwag mountain boots for men and women are sufficient, but they do not have a crampon holder.One example is the Alaska model.Here, the sole and upper are softer and therefore offer you more freedom of movement.

Hanwag mountain boots for men and women now onwanderschuhe.net order!

Whether you are looking for traditional Hanwag hiking boots made of leather or modern models with extra-light and robust synthetic uppers - you will find both versions in our online shop.With the brand shoes from Germany, you are relying on 100 years of experience in the production of mountain and hiking shoes, which is noticeable in the high durability and the excellent fit.Discover our Hanwag range now and take a look at our hiking boots and hiking-shoes.