Hiking boots

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Hanwag hiking boots for men and women - quality in the best shoemaking tradition

Today, the name Hanwag is synonymous with high-quality mountain and hiking shoes with first-class workmanship and an outstanding fit. Since 1921, the traditional company near Munich has been producing outdoor shoes to meet the highest demands. To this day, the manufacturer uses tried-and-tested methods such as twin stitching or adhesive gusseting, which make the shoes very robust and durable. In addition to tried-and-tested methods, however, technical innovations are also constantly being incorporated into the production of high-quality Hanwag hiking boots for men and women.Good examples of this are the IceGrip sole or the use of yak leather as an upper material, which makes every pair of Hanwag hiking boots unique.

In the online shop of Wanderschuhe.net we offer you a large selection of cheap Hanwag walking shoes for men and women for every taste.These include lightweight models with a low shaft such as the Robin Light Lady GTX or Makra Low GTX and very robust models with a high shaft such as the hiking boots Yukon.Discover our range at your leisure, take a look at the different models, choose your size and order your new Hanwag hiking boots securely online.By the way: You can also find affordable hiking and trekking shoes from other popular outdoor brands such as Lowa and Meindl.

Hanwag hiking boots: goat-stitched or glue-stitched

The true quality of hiking boots is revealed by the way they are made.Here, the traditional manufacturer has always relied on traditional shoemaking craftsmanship and produces its shoes either goatsewn or glue-stitched.By far the most elaborate is the production of the genuine goat-stitched (double-stitched) Hanwag hiking boots.Here, the upper part of the shoe and the sole are double-stitched together by hand.The result is a strong connection and a robust hiking boot that is second to none and can be resoled at any time if required.A little less elaborate, but also very durable, is adhesive gusseting.The upper part of the shoe and the sole are glued together in a special way.If the sole has worn through, even the glue-covered Hanwag shoes can be resoled without any problems.

Leather or Gore-Tex: Which lining for Hanwag hiking boots?

When buying new hiking boots, you are faced with the choice of Hanwag GTX (Gore-Tex) or classic leather lining.Which of the two is better cannot be answered across the board.It rather depends on where and at what time of year you want to go hiking.Hanwag GTX hiking boots are the best choice in wet terrain, in rain and snow, in swampy environments and on multi-day tours.The Gore-Tex membrane ensures good ventilation for your feet and constant moisture wicking.In addition, it is waterproof and dries quickly, should a little moisture get into your Hanwag hiking boots while walking through snow or during a downpour.

If you are walking mainly in dry regions, Hanwag Walking shoes for women and men with leather lining ideal.Leather is also very breathable, offers a high level of walking comfort and adapts optimally to the foot.However, Hanwag shoes with leather lining are not waterproof.If the leather gets damp while hiking, it must dry overnight if possible.You can find out more about this below in the tips for the correct care of Hanwag hiking boots.

By the way: the lining has nothing to do with the upper material.You can get Hanwag hiking boots in leather as well as in synthetic Cordura with Gore-Tex lining.

Wide, narrow, hallux valgus: walking shoes for every foot shape

Feet are shaped very differently.Some are narrow and long, others wide and short.Hiking shoes should take these differences into account, otherwise they may fit too loosely or cause pressure points.The Hanwag hiking boots for men and women from our shop are therefore available in different shapes.This way you can find the perfect shoe for your foot and enjoy the best possible fit on your tours.

If you have a narrow foot, for example, Hanwag shoes in "Narrow" are the optimal choice.If you have a wide forefoot and need more space for your toes, Hanwag leather hiking boots in "Straight Fit" or "Straight Fit Extra" offer you the best fit.In addition, Hanwag hiking boots are available in "Wide" (wide) and "Alpine Wide" (with a wide forefoot for alpine tours).Hanwag hiking shoes in the "Bunion" version are ideal if you have hallux valgus and often experience pressure pain in normal shoes.

By the way: The fit is not only important when you buy Hanwag hiking boots for women or men.Also Hiking boots for children should perfectly fit the feet of little outdoor fans.When buying, make sure that the foot sits firmly in the protection and that the toes have sufficient freedom of movement.

The right care for Hanwag leather hiking boots

With good care, Hanwag's glue-stitched and goat-stitched leather hiking boots will accompany you for almost a lifetime and retain their attractive appearance.We have put together some care tips for you below:

  • Brush your Hanwag hiking boots after every tour.A natural bristle brush is best suited for this.
  • Remove stubborn dirt under running water.As a rule, you do not need cleaning agents for this.
  • For very stubborn stains, you can use a special leather cleaning agent.
  • After long tours, you should also clean the inside of your hiking boots.Running water is sufficient for this.
  • Then waterproof the shoes with a waterproofing spray to restore waterproofness.
  • Stuff the hiking boots with paper and let them dry in a shady and dry place.

Tip: To prevent your Hanwag leather hiking boots from becoming brittle, you should treat them regularly with a leather care product such as a special leather wax.

Hanwag hiking boots for men and women at low prices on Hiking Boots.net order!

The next hiking tour is sure to come.Take the opportunity to order cheap Hanwag hiking boots for men and women online.In our online shop you will always find a selection of different models for easy and demanding tours, which convince with first-class materials and the quality of workmanship typical of Hanwag hiking boots.If you need help with your choice or have any questions, our team will be happy to advise you and help you choose the perfect hiking boot.By the way: As an alternative to hiking boots from Hanwag, you can also find affordable brand-name hiking boots and hiking shoes for short trips into nature.