Hiking shoes for women in the sale

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Hiking shoes for women in the sale: brand shoes for your outdoor tours

If you want to get out into nature, climb peaks, explore trails or explore countries on foot, the hiking shoes for women from our sale are the perfect companions. The reduced brand shoes from manufacturers such as Adidas, Lowa or Meindl give you secure support off the beaten track, protect your joints, prevent annoying blisters and ensure a pleasant foot climate. So you can reach your destination comfortably and safely.Check out our<a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/women/outdoor-shoes/hiking-shoes/"> women's hiking shoes in the Sale and discover constantly new models at a favourable price!

Women's hiking shoes for short excursions and demanding mountain tours

With our hiking boots for women, you are equipped for every situation, from a spontaneous excursion into the forest to a strenuous day hike or a hut tour lasting several days.The special thing about the models for women is that they are specially designed for the narrow shape of women's feet and thus offer you better support and more comfort when hiking.Whether you should choose lightweight hiking boots for women from our sale or high boots depends on the intended use and your personal taste.Here is some guidance:

Women's walking shoes for short tours over forest and meadow paths

Light hiking shoes for women from our sale are the right choice for easy tours.Whether it's a mid-calf or mid-high shoe depends on how you feel more secure.The shoes should offer a flexible sole and light cushioning.They should also be breathable and water-repellent.Our <a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/women/brands/meindl/">Meindl hiking boots for women in the sale include some models like the Activo Lady GTX and the Respond Lady GTX that meet these requirements.You can also find suitable shoes in our Lowa hiking boots for women sale, for example the Maddox GTX LO or Aerox GTX LO.

Women's hiking boots for longer tours on firm and loose surfaces

If you are planning longer hiking tours that include steep passages and sections with scree and mud, different footwear is required.In our women's hiking shoes sale, you'll find affordable brand-name shoes that are made for demanding terrain.They feature soles with a secure grip, reinforcements on the heels and toes, a breathable inner lining and comfortable cushioning.Our Meindl hiking boots for women sale includes models such as the Minnesota Lady Pro GTX or Air Revolution Lady Ultra.You can also find attractive shoes at a great price in our <a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/women/brands/lowa/">Lowa hiking boots ladies Sale with the Phoenix GTS Mid or the Renegade GTX Mid.

For extreme challenges: women's mountain boots in the sale

If your hike takes you into alpine regions where you not only have to overcome rocks and gravel, but also snow and ice, suitable boots are the right choice.In our women's mountain boots sale, we offer you a selection of robust shoes that allow you to hike safely at high altitudes.Typical for the mountain and <a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/women/outdoor-shoes/hiking-boots/">Women's hiking boots in the sale is a high level of robustness despite lightweight materials.A waterproof and breathable Gore-Text membrane is just as important as a sole that gives you the necessary grip at all times.In our Lowa hiking boots for women sale, we offer the Predazzo GTX WS model, among others.Customer: Walking shoes.netTopic: Women's hiking boots SaleProject: Texts for better visibility Of course, you will find many more women's mountain and hiking boots in the sale that are waterproof and suitable for alpine use.Click through our assortment now!

Women's trekking shoes in the sale: safe on every surface

Whether you want to explore Nepal on foot or walk across Germany - in our women's hiking shoes sale we offer you many outdoor and trekking shoes that are suitable for long tours on different surfaces.A good shoe is characterised by a flexible sole with a not too coarse tread that offers good grip on asphalt as well as on mud and gravel.In addition, the shoe must be breathable, repel moisture and protect your joints with gentle cushioning on long marches.In our <a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/women/outdoor-shoes/trekking-shoes/">Women's trekking shoes sale you will find mid-high, medium-high and high models in many colours and designs.

Trail running shoes for women in the sale: equipped for every trail

For you, the fun begins where the asphalt ends.You're drawn out into the wilderness, where you can run at speed over hill and dale on trails and jump over streams.The right trail shoes support you in this.In our women's hiking shoe sale, you'll find affordable brand-name shoes that meet all the requirements for your trail running adventures.This includes high stability on all surfaces, low weight, a precise fit and a sole with first-class grip on earth, stone and meadow.A question of personal taste, however, is the intensity of the damping.Discover trail running and hiking shoes for women in the sale now and save money.

The perfect care for all hiking boots in the Ladies Sale

If you have found the right shoes for you in our Keen, Meindl or Lowa hiking shoes for women sale, you should follow the following care tips.This way your shoes keep their flawless look and simply last longer.

  • Remove the laces and insole after a tour.
  • Remove dried dirt on the surface with a brush.
  • Clean the outside and inside of the shoes with lukewarm water.
  • Stuff the shoes with newspaper and let them dry thoroughly.

Order hiking shoes for women in the sale now!

In our online shop you can buy cheap hiking shoes for women on sale around the clock and save money! For example, discover high-quality Meindl hiking shoes for women on sale and equip yourself with professional-level equipment for your tours.Whether you are looking for lightweight outdoor and trekking shoes, trail running shoes or robust mountain boots - you will find what you are looking for in our women's hiking shoes sale.And there's no risk involved, because every pair from our Meindl, Keen or Lowa women's shoes sale can be unpacked, tried on and returned if you don't like them, thanks to the 30-day right of return.