Nordic Walking Shoes for Ladies

Nordic walking shoes for women: functional, comfortable and fashionable

The trendy sport of Nordic walking has enjoyed great popularity among sports fans from all over the world for many years. Created by Finnish trainer Mauri Repo as a joint-friendly sport that trains the entire body, rhythmic walking strengthens your muscles and has a positive effect on your physical well-being when performed correctly. Fashionable Nordic walking shoes for women that are waterproof allow you to practice your favourite sport in any weather and ensure that you reach your training goal comfortably thanks to their functional properties.In the online shop of, you can expect versatile Nordic walking shoes for women that not only meet all the requirements of the perfect sports shoe, but also score points visually across the board.Strong brands like <a href="https://www.walking">Lowa, <a href="https://www.walking">Meindl, <a href="https://www.walking">adidas and <a href="https://www.walking">Hanwag offer you an enormous range of different styles to choose from, with the right model for every taste.Find out now what makes Nordic Walking so special and what characteristics make the perfect Nordic Walking shoes for women stand out.

Nordic Walking: The ideal walking shoes for ladies

The aim of the endurance sport Nordic Walking is to train the entire body through fast walking.With the help of two special Nordic walking poles that follow the rhythm of your steps, Nordic walking not only strengthens your legs and torso, but also your entire upper body muscles.The steady movements allow you to practise a sport that is easy on the joints and not only strengthens the muscles, but also stimulates the cardiovascular system and strengthens the immune system.For effective active sports, it is advisable to use high-quality Nordic <a href="https://www.walking's/outdoor-shoes/walking-shoes/">Walking shoes for women that provide optimal support for your movements.So that you know what is important when buying ideal women's Nordic walking shoes, we have put together a practical overview of the most important features below:

Nordic walking shoes for women - these features are crucial:

Nordic walking shoes that appeal to women should not only be a visual highlight, but also have some essential properties and features that enable you to practice Nordic walking in perfect conditions.

  1. The outsole
    The requirements for good Nordic walking shoes for women are similar to those for high-quality running shoes.The outsole should therefore be highly flexible, have a non-slip tread and be slightly rounded to ensure the smooth rolling of the foot.
  2. The inner sole
    The comfortable insole of the Nordic walking shoes for women supports the rhythmic movement of fast walking with soft padding or partially inserted gel inserts that additionally cushion every step.
  3. The outer material
    The outer material of the Nordic Walking shoes for women has stabilising and flexible material properties, is breathable and lightweight.Nordic walking shoes for women that are waterproof are ideal for practising Nordic walking in any weather.

Nordic walking shoes for women: From Hanwag to Meindl to Lowa

You finally want to take off in a sporty way, but you are still missing the right equipment to professionally practise Nordic Walking? In the online shop of, you can expect a large selection of high-quality Nordic Walking shoes for women as well as <a href="https://www.walking">Nordic Walking shoes for men, which optimally meet your Nordic Walking requirements.Discover Nordic walking shoes from renowned brands such as Lowa or adidas, which, thanks to their functional development, exactly meet the expectations of modern Nordic walking shoes for women.Find a pair of hiking shoes in the online your ideal Lowa Nordic walking shoes for women as well as Nordic walking shoes for women from other manufacturers, which will surprise you with their sophisticated functionality and refined details.Let yourself be inspired by fashionable designs and fresh shades like fuchsia, azure, turquoise or off-white to create a new style that will take your sporting activities to a new level.So perfectly equipped, you not only train your sporting skills while Nordic walking, but are also always one step ahead of your training companions in terms of fashion.

Hiking shoes for women: Ideal for hiking, walking and biking

Nordic walking shoes for women are not only suitable for practising Nordic walking, but are also ideal companions for numerous other sporting activities such as jogging, hiking, walking or biking.<a href="https://www.walking">Walking shoes for women, like Nordic walking shoes for women, are characterised by a flexible outsole that allows you to move smoothly and reliably cushions your steps thanks to its high-quality material composition.With a grippy tread, your hiking shoes will ensure that you have a secure grip even on wet or slippery surfaces.A supple insole with a soft footbed prevents painful blisters on long tours and carries you like on clouds through even the most demanding sports session.The lightweight yet sturdy outer material of your hiking boots from our online shop guarantees maximum stability and supports you during your sporting activities thanks to the double-reinforced heel area.Last but not least, thanks to the individually adjustable lacing, you can adapt your hiking boots to the exact shape of your foot, so that you are prepared for every adventure.

Walking Nordic Walking shoes for women and much more.

In our online shop of walking, you can expect not only functional Nordic walking shoes for women and Nordic walking shoes for men, but also many other outdoor shoes for your personal trend sport.Discover high-quality mountain boots that will help you climb any eight-thousand-metre peak with ease, or get a pair of trail running shoes to set your new best time.Similarly, versatile hiking shoes, trekking shoes or walking shoes for women are waiting to join you in your leisure time climbing, hiking and running.You want your sustainable lifestyle to flow into your sport too? In walking online shop, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in the vegan shoes category.Here you will find a wide selection of vegan hiking boots for men, women and children made from materials such as Gore-Tex, rubber and textile, which are both waterproof and breathable to offer you an all-round successful sports experience with a clear conscience.