Trekking Sandals for Ladies

Trekking sandals for women: Large selection at

Stability and light and airy wearing comfort - these are the features that distinguish trekking sandals for women. Fashion-conscious ladies who want to enjoy their sporting activities to the fullest will find the perfect partner in trekking sandals for women. Whether for long tours or easy hikes - the right trekking sandals for women turn every outing into a special adventure. At Wanderschuhe.You'll find super comfortable trekking sandals in all sizes and at unbeatable prices! So what are you waiting for? Get on the couch and shop for trendy trekking sandals for women - at!

Women's trekking sandals: This is what makes the summery shoe so special

If you are planning an active holiday and are looking for hiking sandals for women, it is worth taking a look at our high-quality trekking sandals for women.Trekking sandals for women are not only particularly practical, but are also very trendy for outdoor fans.Modern trekking sandals for women are available in different styles, materials and designs.The special feature of women's sandals for trekking: The robust shoes are equipped with three individually adjustable straps that give the heel a firm hold while walking.If you want to hike in the woods, trekking sandals with closed instep for women are the right choice.A good alternative for those who want their feet to breathe are trekking sandals for women in a semi-closed design.Women's trekking sandals are also comfortable to walk in.Thanks to the profiled rubber sole, soft cushioning and ergonomically shaped footbed, women's trekking sandals are ideal companions on meadows, forest paths or stony ascents.Alternatively, there are of course <a href="https://www.walking">Walking shoes for women, which can be worn in summer as well as in winter.Of course, the man at your side will also find what he is looking for - with high-quality <a href="https://www.walking">Men's trekking sandals.

Trekking sandals for women made from waterproof materials

If your holiday takes place at the coast, there are also suitable hiking sandals for women.If they are made of high-quality materials such as nylon or impregnated leather, trekking sandals are waterproof.Under water, the soft rubber soles of the women's trekking sandals provide a reliable grip and dry particularly quickly.Thanks to adjustable straps equipped with sturdy buckles and a flexible Velcro fastener, waterproof trekking sandals for women can be optimally adjusted so that you get an individual and perfect fit.By the way, a great alternative to our trekking sandals are our <a href=" https://www.walking">Women's outdoor sandals.These are not only perfect for hiking, but also look great in everyday life!

Finding the ideal fit: how lightweight trekking sandals for women fit perfectly

If you're looking for hiking sandals for women, you're looking for hiking just right.Whether you want to buy your women's trekking sandals in a waterproof, closed or mid-height design, always make sure to choose a size that you feel comfortable in.The special thing about women's sandals for trekking is that they can be individually adjusted and have a wide footbed.If you feel more comfortable hiking when your feet have a secure hold, the buckles and Velcro fasteners can be tightened in no time at all.Hiking enthusiasts who want to give their feet more freedom of movement adjust their trekking sandals for women more loosely.

Proper care: Optimal treatment of trekking sandals for women

To increase the longevity of trekking sandals for women - whether waterproof or not - proper care is an absolute must.Even before the first wear, a basic impregnation is important to protect sensitive materials such as leather or nylon from external influences.In addition to a waterproofing spray that is suitable for both leather and synthetics, you will need a fine shine brush and a soft sponge.Odour neutralisers or a gentle foam solution are also popular for the care of trekking sandals.After the one-time basic impregnation, we recommend that you continue to care for your trekking sandals for women thoroughly every 3 weeks with regular use.

Fashionable trekking sandals for women: these models are right on trend

Trekking sandals for women are very popular in the fashion world.Modern trekking sandals for women from outdoor brands are particularly trendy:

  • Keen
  • Meindl
  • Lowa

The lightweight Keen trekking sandals for women impress with their high-quality material compositions, perfect workmanship and appealing and stylish designs.

Keen trekking sandals

Keen trekking sandals for women offer you optimal comfort thanks to the significant toe protection, the stable midsole and the waterproof leather, which supports you while hiking.

Meindl trekking sandals

The outdoor label Meindl also inspires the sports-minded women with its closed-toe trekking sandals for women.Meindl trekking sandals for women have a particularly soft footbed that adapts to the shape of your foot after only a short period of wear.Made from high-quality leather and synthetic materials, your Meindl trekking sandals for women will accompany you on all tours.

Trekking Sandals from Lowa

If you want to buy lightweight trekking sandals for women at a great price, you will definitely like the fashionable trekking sandals for women by Lowa.Whether for light hikes, city tours, beach walks or everyday wear - Lowa trekking sandals for women accompany you in style and comfort.

Bright & colourful or plain & simple: trekking sandals for women in different colours

Trekking sandals for women are available in many different colours.Whether you are a fan of bright colours or prefer to dress plain and simple - if you are looking for women's hiking sandals in trendy colours, there is a wide selection of stylish models online.The fashion-conscious lady who loves the classic and simple look will find her perfect partner for hikes in a pair of Lowa trekking sandals for women.Delicate colour combinations such as blackberry ice blue or beige sand colours lend the sporty trekking sandals for women a certain elegance.If you're looking for a sandal with pure, timeless character, trekking sandals for women in black are the right choice.Also popular are plain trekking sandals for women in white.

The perfect outfit for hiking: how to complete your look with trekking sandals

If you want to buy women's hiking sandals that match your sporty hiking outfit, coordinate the colour of your shoes with your clothing and become a fashionable eye-catcher.Trend-conscious women who like to wear colourful outfits for hiking add a feminine and elegant touch to their look with trekking sandals in a simple design.Our tip for a trendy style: combine pink patterned hiking clothes with classy trekking sandals for women in black.If you have brightly coloured women's sandals for hiking, combine them with grey, white, beige or black garments.For the brave ones, the more colourful the better! Just wear your colourful trekking sandals with a matching top and colourful trousers.Are you looking for lightweight trekking sandals for women in large sizes? Here you will find trekking sandals for women up to 43!

Exclusively at Buy trekking sandals for women at a great price

If you are in the mood for your own outdoor adventure and want to shop for women's hiking sandals, you will find everything your hiking heart desires here! Whether you want your trekking sandals to be waterproof, whether you are looking for women's trekking sandals in white or whether you want to buy women's trekking sandals in 43 online - in our range you will find a great selection of different women's trekking sandals from many attractive brands.In addition to high-quality Keen trekking sandals for women, you can find Meindl trekking sandals for women or Lowa trekking sandals for women.We also cater for sports enthusiasts.Of course, the man at your side will also find what he is looking for - with high-quality trekking sandals for men.If you're looking for a pair of sturdy shoes, you'll find a top selection of closed hiking boots for every style in our online shop.Take a look at our wide range and buy your trekking sandals for women online!