Meindl winter shoes for ladies

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Meindl winter shoes for women: Robust and warm shoes for cold winter weather

On walks or hikes through wintry landscapes, one thing in particular is required: good footwear that gives you a secure grip on slippery surfaces and keeps your feet reliably warm and dry. Just like the Meindl winter shoes for women, which are still largely made by hand in the old shoemaking tradition. The boots from the outdoor brand from Kirchanschöring in Bavaria have non-slip tread soles and cosy, warm linings to ensure that you don't freeze or slip even in icy temperatures and can relax and enjoy your time outdoors.

The fashion aspect of the winter shoes is not neglected either, of course, because the elegant to sporty designs allow you to combine the boots with a wide range of outfits.Whether high or mid-high, brown, black or red, with or without fur on the upper - in hiking online shop you will find a wide range of shoes and boots from the traditional shoe manufacturer that will get you through the winter season.Discover the most popular models at low prices now and learn even more about the special features of the winter shoes from Meindl.

Meindl winter shoes for women: Traditional craftsmanship from Germany

The name Meindl stands for shoes with first-class craftsmanship.And this has been the case for over 300 years.In 1683, it was shoemaker Petrus Meindl who, in the Upper Bavarian community of Kirchanschöring with its 3,000 souls, laid the foundation for the brand that is now popular with outdoor adventurers and athletes from all over the world.As in the days of its founding father, the company, which is still family-owned, still relies on traditional shoemaking craftsmanship to make its shoes and boots.In order to adapt the comfort to the demands of today, the brand combines the traditional design with modern technologies such as Gore-Tex, MFS vacuum or Air Revolution.In addition, there are grippy tread soles made of durable rubber compounds that are tailored to the respective application.In the case of winter shoes and winter boots for women, these ensure a secure grip and high level of surefootedness on both snow and ice.

Good to know: After the winter season is the best opportunity to grab a good Meindl winter shoe for women at a bargain price.Our Winter shoes in the sale have many a savings opportunity in store for you.And don't forget: the next winter is sure to come.

Meindl winter shoes for women: waterproof, warm and breathable thanks to Gore-Tex

To keep your feet warm and above all dry during a leisurely stroll through the Christmas market, a winter walk in the forest or sledding fun with the kids, most winter boots for women are warmly lined and equipped with a Gore-Tex membrane.It ensures that the Meindl winter shoes for women are waterproof and at the same time ensures that your feet do not sweat despite the cosy warm lining.This is made possible by many microscopically small pores in the membrane.Although they keep water out in drop form from the outside, they allow moisture to escape in vapour form from the inside to the outside.

But the Gore-Tex membrane can do even more in many cases.The best example of this are Meindl winter shoes for women, which are equipped with a so-called Insulated Comfort membrane from Gore-Tex.Thanks to the special thermal insulation of the high-tech membrane, you won't freeze even in the freezing cold and can enjoy your time outdoors with warm feet.On walking you will find the insulating membrane together with woven fur in the Livigno Lady GTX lace-up boot, for example, or in the Rauris Lady GTX old loden winter boot in combination with cosy lambskin.

Meindl winter shoes for women: It's all about the right size

No matter whether Winter shoes for men, women or children: When choosing warm footwear for the cold season, it is important that you choose the right size.Shoes that are too small can quickly cause blisters and sores on the feet, while shoes that are too big do not provide the necessary support and in the worst case can lead to falls.In addition, the insulating effect of lined winter shoes for children and adults do not fully develop if they do not fit optimally and the air cannot circulate properly.If in doubt, we recommend ordering a half or full size larger.So your feet will still find enough space even in thick winter socks.

Meindl winter shoes for women: Regular care is important

In winter, shoes need particularly good care so that no unsightly snow marks form or the constant change from wet to dry can damage the leather.Below we have put together five tips for you to get your shoes through the uncomfortable season.

The 4 best tips for perfect maintenance

  • - After you've been outside, use a soft cloth, some lukewarm water and a mild cleanser to remove the de-icing salt from the surface of your winter shoes, which is responsible for the unsightly snow marks.You can then apply a suitable care product.With this you prevent the leather from drying out and becoming brittle.
  • If your shoes have become wet due to snow and slush, you should let them dry well. Put them in a dark and dry place, but never in front of the heating or near the oven, as this can easily crack the leather. If the wetness has also got into your shoes, you can simply stuff them with newspaper.
  • Good care of your Meindl winter shoes for women also includes regular waterproofing. Especially if you have cleaned the shoes intensively, it may be necessary to re-waterproof them. Simply check whether the water drops still roll off the surface. If this is not the case, you must renew the impregnation.
  • When spring comes, you should store your winter shoes well so that they will serve you faithfully again next winter and continue to look good. The best thing to do is to fit them with a wooden shoe tree and put them in the shoe cupboard where they are protected from dust and moisture.

Order fashionable Meindl winter shoes for women online - now on!

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