LOWA trekking shoes for women

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Lowa trekking shoes for women - the basis for exciting trekking tours

If your journey takes you over rough hiking trails with luggage on your back, our Lowa trekking shoes for women are the ideal companions. From the weatherproof upper to the cushioning and the coarse tread for extra grip, the shoes are fully designed for the special challenges of trekking tours. Typical features of the shoes are their light weight, the flexible sole and their optimal fit, which ensure maximum comfort on both short and long tours.If you want to get to the top of your trekking adventures, some of our Lowa trekking shoes for women additionally the possibility to attach crampons.With these, even ice and snow fields are no longer an obstacle.

In our range you will always find a large selection of affordable Lowa trekking shoes for every purpose.Whether it's a low shoe for easy tours or a shoe with a high shaft for maximum support in demanding terrain - thanks to our practical filter functions, you can find the model that suits you best with just a few clicks.These include popular shoes such as the versatile Aerano GTX with Surround Track sole and a combination of nubuck and suede upper, and the mid-cut Tucana GTX, available in a range of fashionable colours.

This is what distinguishes trekking shoes for women from Lowa

The German brand is no longer an insider tip among outdoor adventurers.And for good reason, because the Bavarian manufacturer's shoes are among the top products on the market thanks to their high-quality materials, innovative technologies and appealing design.So it's no surprise that more and more seasoned outdoor professionals are choosing Lowa trekking shoes for women for treks lasting several days or weeks.In the field, the shoes are characterised above all by the outstanding stability of the sole and upper and the high level of comfort, which is elementarily important on short walks as well as on long hikes.Furthermore, the Lowa women's shoes are extremely robust and can be resoled if necessary thanks to their special construction, which significantly extends their lifespan.

Padded Edging & Co.: Technologies for the perfect trekking adventure

Changing terrain and weather conditions place high demands on a trekking shoe.Lowa models are equipped with a whole range of technologies for this purpose, some of which are even specially tailored to the needs of women.We would like to present the most important functions in more detail here to help you choose the ideal trekking shoes for women from Lowa.

Gore-Tex: The membrane integrated into the material ensures that the Lowa trekking shoes for women are waterproof and breathable.This guarantees that feet stay dry in the rain and when crossing streams.In addition, when the outside temperature is warm, moisture from the feet can be wicked to the outside.

Padded Edging: The calves start slightly lower on women than on men.For this reason, Lowa trekking shoes for women have a special cuff that is extra soft and flexible for more comfort.

Lasts for women: Women's feet are fundamentally different from men's feet.That is why Lowa uses special lasts for its trekking shoes for women that are tailored to the anatomical characteristics of women's feet.As a result, the shoe fits perfectly and provides optimal support in every situation.

Rubber Sole: Most models for women are equipped with a robust rubber sole, which provides optimal grip on different surfaces.The design of the tread differs depending on the intended use of the shoes.

The best Lowa trekking shoes for women

Whether it's a leisurely day hike in the low mountain range or a strenuous multi-day tour in rugged mountain regions - Lowa trekking shoes for women are available for every purpose.A popular all-round model made almost entirely of high-quality full-grain leather is the Pinto LL Lo.The women's low shoe does without any frills and shines with an elegant look that is definitely also suitable for the office.The Vibram Trek sole with its distinctive tread makes the Pinto LL Lo just as suitable for light trekking tours in the mountains.For tours with changing weather conditions, Lowa trekking shoes for women that are waterproof are the best choice.One highlight here is the Explorer GTX Lo low shoe.The sporty trekking shoe immediately catches the eye with its upper made from embossed split leather.In addition, with its DynaPU midsole, Rock Track EVO outsole and Gore-Tex membrane, it offers all the prerequisites for demanding trekking.

The best high trekking shoes for women from Lowa

If you're travelling with more luggage and crossing mostly unpaved terrain, Lowa trekking shoes for women with a high shaft are the best choice.An extremely lightweight model equipped for all eventualities is the Tucana GTX Ws.Made from a split leather and textile mix, the upper provides optimum stability, while the clever deep draw hooks improve heel hold.For good traction, the sole of the Lowa women's shoes is equipped with multi-directional tread edges.Impacts against stones and boulders lose their terror thanks to the TPU toe cap.To keep feet dry in rain and warm temperatures, the shoes are equipped with a Gore-Tex membrane.Just as recommendable as the Tucana GTX Ws are the Lady Light LL, Innox Pro GTX and Renegade GTX models.

By the way: In addition to our selection of women's trekking shoes, you will also find numerous Lowa hiking shoes for men and Lowa children's shoes.With this equipment you are perfectly equipped for outdoor adventures with the whole family.

Buy Lowa trekking shoes for women online at a great price - at wanderschuhe.net

With a reliable shoe you lay the foundation for a successful trekking or hiking tour.Choose a model now that appeals to you and suits your plans and order your new Lowa trekking shoes for women cheaply and securely online.So you start your adventure well equipped.If you would rather be inspired, we have many more trekking shoes and walking shoes of well-known brands in our range, which you can order to your home at attractive special offer prices.