LOWA Renegade for ladies

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Lowa Renegade for women - the all-terrain classic for hiking, walking and trekking

If you are looking for a reliable hiking boot with all-round characteristics, the Lowa Renegade for women is always a good choice. For around 25 years, the multi-award-winning all-terrain boot has been part of the permanent range of the outdoor professionals from Jetzendorf in Bavaria and during this time has developed into a real cult classic. The Renegade, which is available both as a flat hiking boot and as a high hiking boot, is popular for its balanced cushioning, high stability and comfortable support, which it gives you on your outdoor tours.In the online shop of Wanderschuhe.net, you can download the classic from Lowa order online now in many colours and different model variants.

Lowa Renegade: What distinguishes the cult classic for women?

Whether it's casual hiking, challenging hikes or leisurely walks in the woods and meadows with the dog - if you're looking for adventure in nature, the Lowa Renegade is the ideal companion.Thanks to its robust construction and the grippy and well-profiled rubber sole, this classic shoe offers you secure footing and optimum grip on both muddy and rocky terrain.Despite all the safety, comfort must of course not be neglected.Especially on longer and more strenuous tours, such as long-distance or pilgrimage hiking, a good fit of the foot in the shoe, a low weight and balanced cushioning are essential.The Lowa Renegade GTX Mid for women is therefore equipped with a MONOWRAP frame, which perfectly encloses and supports the foot with its three-dimensional design.The Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Lady is also perfectly adapted to the anatomy of women's feet.This is enormously important because women's feet differ greatly in shape and volume from their male counterparts.Lowa hiking boots that are made with a women's last can be recognised in the online shop by the suffix Ws in the product name.For optimal fit, the type of lacing is also an important factor.The Renegade has a two-zone lacing system for the upper and forefoot for this purpose.The separate lacing allows the shoe to adapt even better to the individual anatomy of your feet.In addition to all the technical details, your Lowa Renegade GTX for women must of course also look good.In our online shop, we offer you the popular hiking boots and hiking shoes.Hiking boots for women therefore come in a wide range of colours.This way you can choose the shoe that best suits your outdoor outfit.In addition to classic colours such as brown or black, which are insensitive and harmonise with almost any look, fashionable colour combinations such as sand/apricot, plum/ mauve or ice blue/salmon are also waiting to be discovered by you.

The advantages of the Lowa Renegade for women at a glance:

  • proven all-terrain classic for around 25 years
  • Suitable for everyday use, leisure and demanding hikes
  • high wearing comfort thanks to Lowa MONOWRAP frame
  • optimum weather protection thanks to Gore-Tex membrane
  • hard-wearing nubuck leather upper material
  • made with special Lowa women's last

- two-zone lacing for perfect fit

- available in many colours

Lowa Renegade GTX for women: Optimal weather protection thanks to Gore-Tex membrane

If there's one thing you don't need on a hike, it's wet feet.Moisture is a reason for blisters, which can be a problem especially on longer tours.But with a Lowa Renegade with Gore-Tex, you don't have to worry about that.This is because the fine-pored membrane is constructed in such a way that, for example, water cannot penetrate the shoe in rain, snow or when running through streams and puddles, but moisture from perspiration can easily escape to the outside.In addition, the Gore-Tex membrane enables a constant exchange of air and ensures that your feet do not overheat and that a pleasant climate prevails in the shoe even during very strenuous stages or hot outside temperatures.Lowa Renegade shoes for women with Gore-Tex membrane are easily recognisable by the GTX in the product name.

Frequently asked questions about the Lowa Renegade GTX for women

Does the Renegade need a break-in period and can it be resoled if necessary? We answer questions like these, which we receive time and again from female customers, in our following FAQ.

Do I have to break in the Lowa Renegade first?

Before you go on a long tour with your new Women's hiking shoes, you should break them in for about two to three weeks.You can wear your Lowa Renegade GTX Mid ladies for a few hours around the house or on light walks in the first few days.If nothing pinches or twinges, even small hikes are possible.If your feet feel comfortable in the shoes and there are no pressure points, you can really throw yourself into the adventure.

Is it possible to have the Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Lady resoled?

Unfortunately this is not possible.The reason for this is the so-called injection-moulded design, in which the sole is firmly attached to the shoe, unlike, for example, glue-covered soles.However, there is the possibility of having the heels of the walking shoes renewed if they are worn out.To do this, send your Renegade to Lowa along with proof of purchase.Here, for a fee, the worn heel is ground off and replaced with a new heel profile.This way you can extend the life of your hiking shoes resp.Extend hiking boots by a few years at a small price.

Lowa Renegade for women at a great price in hiking shoes.net online shop

If you have found a suitable Lowa Renegade GTX Mid for women, order your shoe now with just a few clicks.If you want to make a bargain, you can sign up for our newsletter and save a voucher for your purchase.If you've already subscribed to our news, we'll automatically inform you about the latest sales and discount campaigns, where Lowa women's shoes are always available at top prices.