Lowa Innox Ladies

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Operational area
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Lining material
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Upper material
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Lowa Innox for women - Comfortable multifunctional shoe for hiking, trail running and walking

If you prefer to spend your free time outdoors, leaving everyday life behind you on fast hikes, Nordic walking or easy hikes, you need a shoe that provides you with optimal support. A true all-rounder that is suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities is the Lowa Innox for women. The shoe from the All-Terrain-Sports collection by Lowa is characterised, among other things, by its particularly grippy rubber sole, comfortable DynaPU cushioning and weatherproof Gore-Tex lining, which is guaranteed to keep your feet dry even in changeable weather or when running through damp grass.In the shop of hiking boots.net, you can now order the popular brand outdoor shoe online in Lo- and Mid-Cut versions as well as Evo and Pro models.

Lowa Innox Evo GTX for women: lightweight all-rounder for all outdoor activities

The motto of the Evo version of the Lowa Innox GTX for women is "light and fast".From the sole to the upper material, the multifunctional shoe is designed entirely for sporty outdoor activities such as speed hiking or trail running.The Lowa Enduro Evo rubber sole, made from a flexible and very grippy rubber compound, serves as the basis.With its extra sharp-edged tread, the self-cleaning sole provides a secure grip on asphalt as well as on mud, gravel or leaf-covered forest paths.Good cushioning is indispensable for fast tours over hill and dale.It protects your ligaments and joints and prevents injuries.The Lowa Innox Evo GTX for women uses a midsole made of DynaPU.The special plastic has countless enclosed air bubbles that have a pleasant cushioning effect and return some of the energy expended while running through the rebound effect.

100% weather protection and durable outer materials

Thanks to the Gore-Tex lining, sudden weather changes can no longer spoil your outdoor fun.This is because the innovative membrane reliably keeps out wetness from rain or damp meadows, but at the same time allows good breathability and thus ensures a pleasant foot climate.To ensure that the shoe does not suffer any damage on tours off the beaten track, Lowa uses a material mix of hard-wearing textile and synthetic fibres for the Innox Evo GTX for women.Additional protection in case of contact with rocks and tree roots is provided by reinforcements on the toes and heel.If the Innox Evo GTX for women has won you over, then discover the multifunctional shoe online now in many trendy colour combinations.

Innox Evo GTX for women: All advantages at a glance

- Multifunctional shoe for speed hiking, trail running, etc.

- Flexible and grippy Lowa Enduro Evo rubber sole

- Durable textile-synthetic mix upper material

- DynaPU midsole for cushioning with rebound effect

- Gore-Tex lining for guaranteed weather protection

- MonoWrap frame for more stability

Lowa Innox Pro GTX Mid for women: multifunctional shoe for all surfaces

The Lowa Innox Pro GTX Mid for women offers similar qualities to the Evo GTX for women, but has a high shaft and is therefore particularly suitable for demanding terrain and longer hiking tours.There are also small differences in the sole: Lowas Multi Trac rubber sole is used here, which has optimised rolling characteristics and was specially developed for moderate terrain.Otherwise, the Pro GTX Mid relies on proven technologies such as a 100% weatherproof Gore-Tex membrane, a springy DynaPU midsole and the MonoWrap frame, which gives your feet better support and more stability and thus increases safety during outdoor adventures in demanding terrain.In our shop you can now order the lightweight hiking shoes for women in popular colours like bordeaux/coral or graphite/mint online.

Innox Pro GTX Mid for women: All advantages at a glance

- Multifunctional shoe for light hikes and many other outdoor activities - Wind- and waterproof Gore-Tex lining for guaranteed dry feet - High shaft for optimum support on demanding terrain - Lowa Multi Trac rubber sole with good grip for moderate terrain - Robust textile-synthetic upper - Springy DynaPU midsole for more comfort

Questions and answers about the Lowa Innox for women

We frequently receive questions from customers about our Innox models for women.We have compiled the most frequently asked questions together with our answers for you here.

What is the Lowa Innox for women like?

In direct comparison to other brands such as Meindl, the Lowa Innox offers an average fit.This means that you can use your normal shoe size as a guide when ordering.Tip: If you would like to use the hiking shoes or theIf you wear hiking boots for women with thick socks, you should add half a size to one size.

Innox Evo or Innox Pro: Which shoe suits me best?

The Innox Evo is the ideal shoe if you are very sporty, for example, when speed hiking or trail running.The low shaft gives you plenty of freedom of movement and allows for a fast pace.The Innox Pro, on the other hand, offers you good support thanks to its high shaft when you are on demanding trails or with luggage.

Order Lowa Innox for women online now at a great price

Whether Evo GTX or Pro GTX Mid: With the Innox from Lowa, fun is guaranteed during your outdoor activities.The Women's hiking boots combine excellent grip with a robust construction and are also suitable for tours in bad weather thanks to the integrated Gore-Tex membrane.In our shop you can order both versions of the Innox online at low prices and in different colour variations.If you still have questions or need advice, our team is always available via e-mail or telephone.