LOWA winter boots

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Lowa winter boots for women, men and children - warm footwear for cold days

Whether you're hiking through deep snow or walking through slush - when the winter is full of cold, wet, ice and snow, winterproof footwear is indispensable. It must keep your feet warm and dry even in sub-zero temperatures and offer you a secure grip on slippery surfaces with a non-slip sole. With these and other features such as an attractive design and excellent workmanship, Lowa winter boots are convincing.The robust boots of the traditional brand from Jetzendorf in Bavaria have been bringing outdoor enthusiasts safely and dryly through the winter since 1923.Let us convince you of the quality of our durable winter boots and discover our range at your leisure.

In our online shop we offer you a large selection of the most popular Lowa winter boots for women, men and children at low prices.These include all-rounders such as the Renegade Evo Ice GTX for men, which is available in many fashionable colour combinations, or cosy and warm women's models such as the Dalarna Mid WS with sheepskin lining.With this footwear you don't have to worry about cold or wet feet and can fully concentrate on the winter landscapes.

How do Lowa winter boots differ from summer boots?

Many models from the Bavarian shoe manufacturer can be found in both the winter and summer collections.For example, the Wendelstein hiking boot, which is popular with both men and women.Even though the summer and winter versions look similar at first glance, they differ considerably from each other.This starts with the Vibram Jankuat sole, which replaces the Vibram Marmolada sole and is optimally designed for winter conditions thanks to its tread and material compound.The upper material is also ideally suited for hiking through snow and ice with nubuck leather instead of smooth leather.

Further differences can be seen in the inner sole, which in the case of the Wendelstein is multilayered (u.a.with a layer of aluminium) is constructed so that the cold coming from the ground cannot penetrate and the heat remains in the shoe.There is also a big difference in the lining, which in the Wendelstein Warm GTX is made of a breathable and waterproof Gore-Tex membrane instead of leather.The high-tech membrane ensures that no moisture penetrates the inside of the Lowa winter boots when hiking through snow, but that moisture can be released from the inside to the outside at any time.

Differences in the upper material, lining and sole, as with the Wendelstein model, can also be seen in other models such as Maddox, Renegade or Isarco.So it makes sense that when buying boots for winter, you specifically look for Lowa winter boots for men, women or children and not go for the normal or the lowa winter boot.summer model.

The advantages of winter boots at a glance:

  • Special sole that provides a secure grip on ice and snow and protects against slipping.
  • Insulating insole consisting of several layers to protect against the cold of the ground.
  • Water-repellent upper material such as nubuck leather or synthetic with few seams.
  • Warm, waterproof and breathable lining made of Gore-Tex or sheepskin.

Lowa snow boots: The best models for men and women

You are looking for Lowa Winter boots for men or women that have already convinced independent testers? Then you'll find what you're looking for here, because we present the best Lowa snow boots according to outdoor magazines and customers.One of the most popular models is the Renegade Evo Ice GTX, equipped with a Vibram Arctic-Grip sole, which received the rating "very good" from "Outdoor-Magazin" and was praised as a "high-performance winter hiking boot for tours in the Alpine foothills and low mountain ranges".An excellent and also highly praised model for women is the Lowa Calceta III GTX.According to testers and customers, the Lowa snow boot offers both excellent grip and outstanding thermal insulation, keeping women's feet cosy and warm even in icy temperatures.Discover these and other well-reviewed Lowa winter boots online now.

Warm boots for cool kids: Lowa winter boots for kids

Kids love sledding and trudging through knee-deep snow in winter.Wearing warm and waterproof shoes with a child-friendly fit is particularly important.Our Lowa winter boots for children reliably protect the little ones' feet from the cold and wet with waterproof membranes and warm linings, ensuring unadulterated fun even in icy temperatures and uncomfortable slush.While waterproofness, lining and fit are important for parents, the look has to be right for the kids.A boot that both boys and girls will love is the Maddox Warm GTX.The green-orange unisex winter boot is a real eye-catcher and available in different heights.The boot's inner values are also impressive: the Winter Trac sole offers excellent grip, the robust material mix of leather and textile ensures stability and the Gore-Tex Partelana lining keeps moisture out.

Tip: Order Lowa winter boots for children one or two sizes larger.So the children's feet still have room to grow.It also leaves room for thick socks when it gets really cold outside.

How to care for Lowa winter boots for maximum durability

With regular care, you can considerably extend the durability of your boots and maintain their flawless appearance in the long term.Especially snow andSalt marks must be avoided, as they are difficult to remove from the outer material.With the following tips, you can ensure that your boots look like new even after the winter season.

  • After hiking in the snow, remove dirt and salt from your boots with a brush and clean water.
  • You can soak up moisture in your winter boots by simply stuffing them with old newspaper.
  • Never leave the boots to dry in front of the heater or fireplace, as the heat can damage the leather.
  • The care of Lowa winter boots also includes impregnation.This effectively protects against snow edges.
  • Every now and then, you should treat your winter boots to a leather care suitable for the type of leather.

Order Lowa winter boots online at low prices - now on Hiking Boots.net

With the winter boots from Lowa, winter can come quietly.Because no matter whether it's thick ice, deep snow or simply freezing cold - with the robust brand boots on your feet, you are optimally equipped for every situation.Click through the different models for men, women and children and order your favourite quickly and securely online.You can also use our smart filter function to sort the results by purpose, size and colour, among other things.If you're not sure which winter boot suits you or have another question, don't worry: our experienced staff will be happy to advise you by e-mail or phone and help you find the perfect winter boot.

Tip: Order the right care products for your Lowa winter boots at a great price.In addition to high-quality brushes, we offer you a selection of waxes and waterproofing sprays.