Lowa Innox

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Lowa Innox

Most outdoor shoes are designed for a specific purpose such as hiking, trekking or walking and can show off their strengths best here. However, if you don't want to commit yourself but also want to explore the forest cross-country or run quickly over trails, you need a shoe like the Innox from Lowa that is just as flexible as you are and can take on any of your outdoor adventures.The all-rounder, available in lo- and mid-cut, is one of the German manufacturer's top sellers and impresses with excellent comfort and reliable grip on a wide range of surfaces.Convince yourself of the diverse qualities of the popular multifunctional shoe and shop the Lowa Innox online in the colour of your choice.Tip: Use our filter function to find the perfect shoe even faster.In addition to your shoe size and the desired colour, you can also select the upper material and have suitable models displayed with one click.

What makes the Lowa Innox stand out?

The Innox from Lowa is a multifunctional outdoor shoe with a sporty design that is suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities, from leisurely strolls to fast hikes and cross-country runs to Nordic walking and hiking.The versatile all-rounder for everyday life and leisure is available in Evo and Pro versions as well as in Lo- and Mid-Cut.At first glance, the Evo and Pro models look similar.In detail, however, there are some small differences such as different soles (Enduro Evo for the Evo and Multi Trac for the Pro variant) and a different construction of the insole.The latter consists of polyurethane (PU) and textile for the Evo and felt, Memolatex and textile for the Pro.Memolatex increases comfort, supports the rolling movement of the foot and is also lightweight.

Effective damping and low weight

Apart from these small but subtle differences, the Innox models are very similar.Both rely on a sole made from a rubber compound developed by Lowa and specially optimised for outdoor use, which provides grip on asphalt as well as on gravel or loose forest ground, ensuring optimum grip at all times.For high wearing comfort and effective cushioning, the sole and upper are firmly connected to each other via an elaborate injection process.In this process, the upper shoe is placed in a special mould, which is then filled layer by layer with PU foam.Millions of tiny air bubbles in the plastic create a cushioning effect with a rebound effect that returns some of the energy expended while running to you with every step.In addition, this process reduces the weight of the shoes, which pays off especially on longer tours.

Optimal fit and excellent comfort

Both the Lowa Innox GTX Lo and the Lowa Innox GTX Mid are equipped with the Monowrap frame in the Evo and Pro variants.The three-dimensionally shaped sole is a Lowa trademark and ensures that your foot is optimally embedded and supported when walking and standing.The additional comfort is not at the expense of weight, however, because here too the manufacturer relies on lightweight yet firm and durable PU foam.All models (Evo and Pro) are equipped with conventional lacing so that you can adjust the shoe to fit your feet perfectly.For added protection, the Lowa Innox for men, women and children has reinforcements all around.For example, they prevent injuries in the event of an accidental collision with rocks or tree stumps and extend the life of the shoe.

Weatherproof thanks to Gore-Tex membrane

If you are not a fair-weather hiker and go outdoors in all weathers, your shoe should definitely be weatherproof.For this reason, the Lowa Innox GTX (Evo and Pro) is equipped with a Gore-Tex membrane that reliably keeps out wetness as well as wind and cold.The innovative membrane is covered with billions of pores that are so small that water droplets and wind cannot pass through them.However, moist air and heat from the inside can escape without any problems.This excellent breathability ensures that a pleasant foot climate prevails in the outdoor shoe at all times.

All the advantages of the Lowa Innox at a glance

  • Rubber outsole with grippy tread for varying terrain
  • Double-Injection manufacturing process for optimal cushioning and comfort
  • Monowrap frame for better grip and support on uneven surfaces
  • Lightweight textile/synthetic mix upper in a variety of appealing colour combos
  • Waterproof and windproof Gore-Tex membrane for guaranteed weather protection

Why choose a hiking boot from Lowa?

Lowa, a company based in Jetzendorf, Bavaria, has been manufacturing robust shoes for hiking and mountaineering since 1923.The manufacturer is known above all for its "Zwiegenähten".Part of the production is still carried out using tried and tested methods, but at the same time innovations such as DynaPU or the Monowrap frame are also incorporated into Lowa shoes.Today, Lowa is known for its quality all over the world and is appreciated by outdoor athletes from a wide variety of fields.Become part of the Lowa family and order your pair of Lowa Innox GTX Mid or Lo shoes online now.

Questions and answers about the Innox from Lowa

We frequently receive questions from customers about the Lowa Innox GTX Mid and Lo (Evo and Pro) shoe models.In the following, we would like to provide you with answers to the most frequently asked questions, which may help you decide for or against a shoe.

Is the Innox from Lowa also suitable for everyday use?

Yes, with its sporty design and high level of comfort, the Innox is also ideal as an everyday companion with which you can roam through urban areas and also take a spontaneous trip into nature if you feel like it.The ideal choice for everyday and leisure use is the Lowa Innox GTX Lo (Evo or Pro).The low shoe gives you plenty of freedom of movement and its grippy rubber sole ensures reliable grip on both asphalt and unpaved forest floors.

Can I wear the Innox by Low while Nordic walking?

Absolutely, because its high level of mobility makes the pleasantly lightweight multifunctional shoe ideal for dynamic excursions such as Nordic walking or trail running.It doesn't matter whether you prefer to pursue your hobby on asphalt paths, forest trails or meadows, because the Innox (as Evo or Pro) with its grippy sole always gives you the grip you need for your outdoor activities.Practical: When you're speed hiking or Nordic walking, the breathable Gore-Tex membrane ensures that your feet don't get sweaty.

Lowa Innox GTX Lo or Mid: Which variant is right for me?

Lo- and mid-cut shoes differ in the height of their shaft.A high shaft is always useful if you are walking with your shoes on difficult terrain or with luggage, because in these cases the risk of twisting is increased.A high shaft gives you more stability in these situations and also protects the sensitive ankle area from injury.A low shoe, on the other hand, is advantageous if you are sporty, don't have to be much and need a lot of freedom of movement.

Order your Lowa Innox for men and women online now!

Whether you're hunting for adventure in the urban jungle or running cross-country through the forest, you'll be perfectly equipped with the Lowa Innox for men and women.In the online shop of walking shoes.net we offer you the popular all-rounder from the Bavarian shoe manufacturer at an attractive price.Choose between the Evo and the Pro and select your favourite colour.If you have any questions or need help with your selection, our team will be happy to advise you by e-mail or phone and help you quickly find the right Lowa Innox for men or women.