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X-Bionic hiking socks: High-tech trekking socks for hikers and walkers

Hikers who enjoy long and demanding tours through untouched nature know the importance of functional hiking socks. Because nothing is worse on the trail than when your sock slips in your trekking boot or your feet sweat excessively due to a lack of breathability, causing you to get sore. Fortunately, the days when scratchy woollen socks or worn-out sports socks served as possible alternatives for a hiker are long gone.Modern Socks for hikers will convince you with a whole range of intelligent material and comfort features that are specially designed to meet the needs of ambitious hikers, ramblers and other outdoor sports enthusiasts.High-quality X-Bionic hiking socks offer you many notable advantages over conventional hiking socks, which contribute to an increase in running comfort, adapt optimally to your movements and bring you safely to your destination during all your activities.Find out now what high-tech features make X-Bionic hiking socks so special, find out about the variety of models on offer in hiking boots.net online shop and see for yourself why X-Bionic hiking socks should be part of your basic hiking equipment from now on.

X-Bionic socks: high-tech for hiking, cycling and winter sports

If you're an outdoor athlete who values high performance, you can't go past these active socks.Justifiably, the Swiss manufacturer X-Bionic was awarded "Swiss Brand of the Year" by the Swiss Institute for Quality Tests in consecutive years 2021/22.The product range listed under the X-Socks category includes a variety of X-Bionic socks that promise high-tech for hiking, cycling and winter sports.Based on the patented Suppronation bandage and Helixcoil technology, the innovative brand knows how to equip high-quality socks for men and women with intelligent functional properties that exceed all standards.With the X-Socks, you can expect a barefoot-like running feeling, where moisture is optimally transported away and the special cushioning zones protect against possible injuries.So that you know which features you can rely on when buying X-Socks, we present the two unique selling points of the running and trekking socks called Suppronation bandage and Helixcoil technology as well as their other benefits in more detail below:

These intelligent functional features are what make X-Socks stand out:

Suppronation bandage: The double-reinforced heel region reliably supports the ankle joint during every movement and provides stable support.

Helixcoil technology: Incorporated into the textile fabric, this technology supports blood flow to the foot and lower leg and ensures improved blood circulation.

Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles tendon protector 4.0: The recess within the surrounding padding protects the Achilles tendon from friction and pressure.

Air-Guide: Optimal air circulation ensures a particularly breathable foot climate where sweat is immediately transported away.

Air-Conditioning-Channel: The three-dimensional air diversion contributes to optimal ventilation of the feet thanks to the special yarn.

X-Bionic running socks: The perfect active socks for middle and long-distance running.

Whether your favourite sport is walking, jogging or trail running: if you run a lot and often, you know the feeling of tired feet as soon as the foot muscles are strained too much by over-exertion.With X-Bionic running socks, this feeling is a thing of the past.Thanks to the combined support, protection and ventilation functions of the active socks, you are always a big step ahead of your opponents.Ideally suited for medium and long-distance runs, the X-Bionic Generation 4.0 running socks offer you increased comfort and thus boost your running performance.While the firmly woven Air-Conditioning Channel 4.0 ensures optimal ventilation of the feet, the instep protector reliably minimises pressure on the instep and the integrated Air-Cool strips unfold their cooling effect.Together with the AirFlow Ankle Pads 4.0 at the ankle and the Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles Tendon Protector 4.0 at the heel, these running and hiking socks provide you with a holistic cushioning system that actively supports you with every step and promises long-lasting comfort thanks to the anatomically shaped footbed.

X-Bionic trekking socks: The perfect active socks for demanding hiking tours.

X-Bionic trekking socks are characterised by their outstanding wearing comfort, which guarantees you an unrestricted running feeling even on very demanding hikes and trekking tours.With the hiking and trekking socks from the innovative Swiss brand, almost no path is too long, no slope too difficult and no slope too steep.Whether for sporting activities in changeable spring, warm summer, stormy autumn or cold winter: In addition to excellent comfort properties, the functional hiking socks are temperature-regulating, ensuring good breathability in every season.The X-Socks not only insulate against rising ground cold and unpredictable gusts of wind, but also provide ideal ventilation even in rising temperatures thanks to the patented Air-Conditioning Channel 4.0, so that blister formation is reduced.The colour-coded cushioning zones are an added bonus: when walking and running, the Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles Tendon Protector 4.0 protects your Achilles tendons, while the Suppronation XX-Cross Bandage protects your ankle from possible injuries.And also the range of hiking shoes.net online shop leaves nothing to be desired, as X-Bionic trekking socks are available in many different variants and colours.

Walking shoes.net-Onlineshop: Discover X-Bionic hiking socks for your sport now.

Whether you want to go cycling in the Alps, trekking in the Black Forest or walk the Way of St. James: with the highly functional X-Bionic socks in your luggage, your next active holiday will be an unforgettable experience.Thanks to their highly developed functional properties, the cycling, trekking and hiking socks offer you increased wearing comfort, ensure a pleasant foot climate and thus contribute to an increase in your performance.The active socks of the renowned Swiss manufacturer have been tested several times and have won awards. With their patented details such as the Suppronation bandage for ankle support or the Helixcoil technology to promote blood circulation, they revolutionise sports such as hiking or running in a progressive way.Discover the variety of models on offer now, all of which are available to you at Hiking Shoes.net online shop within the X-Bionic hiking socks category and take your sport to a new level, enriched in the future by increased performance, preventive protection against injuries and optimal functionality.