Meindl winter boots

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Meindl winter boots - for warm feet and secure grip on ice and snow

With a Meindl winter boot on your feet, winter can come quietly, because whether it's a winter walk, a fast-paced tobogganing adventure or an adventurous deep-snow hike: the first-class workmanship of the traditional manufacturer from Kirchanschöring in Bavaria always keeps your feet pleasantly warm and dry. In addition, with their specially developed soles for ice and snow, they give you a secure grip on slippery surfaces and thus ensure carefree winter fun.On walking we offer you affordable Meindl winter boots for the whole family and different purposes - from fashionable leisure winter boots to extra warm and grippy winter boots for extended hikes.

Discover real cult classics from Meindl like the Kaltern model for men made of nubuck leather with lining and footbed made of cosy lambskin.Or the stylish and waterproof Innsbruck Lady GTX in nubuck leather and felt with warm woven fur lining and lambskin footbed.Of course, we also offer you a large selection of Meindl children's shoes such as the Winter Storm Junior GTX or the super-warm Yolup Junior GTX.Choose your favourite from our range now and have your brand new Meindl snow boots delivered to your home quickly and safely!

Everyday life or winter adventure: Which Meindl winter boot suits me?

Meindl offers winter boots for different purposes.On the one hand, these are comfortable winter boots for everyday wear with the usual high-quality workmanship that also impresses in terms of fashion.You can wear the boots for window shopping in the city, sledding with the kids or to the office.And that's without giving the impression that you've just come from a mountain hike.For precisely these and other activities, the extremely robust outdoor winter boots from Meindl are designed with functionality in mind.Below we present the two categories in more detail.

Meindl snow boots for everyday and leisure use

From the way to work to city walks to sledding, you are perfectly equipped with these snow boots.Their tread is usually less deep than that of winter hiking boots, but still offers good grip on ice and snow.The insulation is usually made of lambskin, wool or synthetic fabrics and a Gore-Tex membrane.The latter ensures that the Meindl winter boots are waterproof, which is particularly advantageous in uncomfortable thawing weather.The upper material is often nubuck or suede, sometimes in combination with a mesh fabric made of nylon.A classic for everyday use, for example, is the Filzmoos model.The Meindl winter boot is available for men and women and impresses with its elegant look.The combination of leather and felt makes for an interesting contrast.The Vibram Montagna sole also offers good grip and the lambskin lining and footbed are a real treat for your feet on cold days.

The Innsbruck, Lofer, Kitzbühel or Verbier models can convince with an equally stylish look.The latter model offers the possibility to adjust the width individually via a buckle on the calves and thus ensures an optimal fit.Tip: Simply use our practical filter function and have only such Show Meindl winter boots for men and women that are suitable for everyday use.

Meindl winter boots for outdoor adventures

If you are planning extended snow hikes, you should go for Meindl winter boots that are made for outdoor adventures in ice, snow and sub-zero temperatures.These can be recognised by features such as

  • a coarse, deep and toothed profile
  • a special rubber compound (with glass or metal additives)
  • a midsole for extra insulation from the cold coming from below
  • thick rubber caps to protect the toes in case of contact with ice and stones
  • an inner lining made of high-pile lambskin, wool or synthetic materials
  • removable inner boots that can be taken out for drying
  • the possibility of attaching a snowshoe

Depending on the boot, other special features may be added.A popular model that embodies Meindl winter boots for men and women like no other is the Arktis GTX.The mountain trekking boot made from hard-wearing nubuck leather has a Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort lining with lambskin and keeps your feet pleasantly warm down to -30°C.The shoe's suitability for extreme winter conditions is also evident in the sole.This is where the Meindl Multigrip from Vibram Ice Trek comes into play, with which you always find a secure grip even on slippery ground.Discover even more Meindl winter boots for women and men that are ideal companions for your winter adventures and order them conveniently online.

Tip: Always opt for a boot with Gore-Tex in wet weather.Only these Meindl winter boots are waterproof and guaranteed to keep your feet dry.

Warm shoes for little snow fans: The best Meindl children's shoes

As soon as there is snow, children love to spend the whole day sledging, building snowmen or having wild snowball fights.However, especially the small feet can quickly get wet or cool down.This makes it all the more important for children to wear suitable winter footwear that keeps their feet warm and dry and gives them a secure grip on slippery surfaces.Ideal are Meindl snow boots, which are completely tailored to the needs of children, from the sole to the closure.A prime example of this is the Snowy 3000 snow boot. Made of very durable mesh and absolutely waterproof, the children's boot reaches well above the ankle and can be pulled closed at the top with a drawstring.This prevents snow from penetrating and getting your feet wet.If moisture does get into the shoe, the cuddly warm woven fur thermal inner shoe can simply be removed and dried.

While the Snowy 3000 is primarily suitable for playing in the snow, the Storm GTX Junior R can also be used for winter hikes.Thanks to the insulating Gore-Tex membrane, the winter boot made of suede and mesh is waterproof and keeps feet reliably warm down to -20 °C.The Ultra Grip Junior II sole provides a secure grip on ice, slush and other surfaces.Discover these and other popular Meindl children's shoes such as the Yolup Junior GTX or the Altino Junior GTX at low prices and with fast shipping.

Meindl winter boots for women, men and children - now at great prices on hiking

Prepare yourself now for the winter weather and rely on proven quality in Germany for your shoes.In our online shop you can choose your favourite from many current models and order them conveniently online.Shortly after your order, your new winter boots will be on their way to you so that you can start your adventure right on time with the first snowfall.Here we have summarised the advantages of ordering online for you:

  • Low prices: We have attractive offers and discount campaigns waiting for you.
  • Buyer protection included: With Trusted Shops, every order is protected.
  • Fast shipping: After ordering, your shoes will usually be with you within 3 days.
  • No risk: You have a 30-day right of return on every order.