Keen casual shoes

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Keen casual shoes: practical outdoor shoes for every activity

Our feet perform at their best every day. Even on a moderate walk, the natural force of gravity causes a noticeable increase in stress, which is around four times our own body weight. On a long trekking tour or an extensive hike, it is therefore particularly important to relieve the strain on the feet with high-quality footwear and to protect them from injury. Thanks to their high level of functionality and comfortable features, Keen leisure shoes are the ideal companions for all outdoor sports enthusiasts who love to move around outdoors in the fresh air.Specially developed for the demands of active sports such as walking, hiking or trekking, the leisure shoes from the manufacturer Keen provide optimum comfort over longer distances and also give you support and stability in everyday life.Whether you're walking the dog, sightseeing with the family or playing with the kids, discover the wide range of practical walking shoes, sandals and Keen casual shoes for men, women and children that will have you in walking online shop and find out what functional features the various leisure shoe models have in store for you.

Keen casual shoes: Functional shoe variety for the whole family

Whether you want high-quality processed Keen Leisure shoes for women, men or children: In walking online shop you will find a wide range of shoes for the whole family.Whether it's hiking boots, trekking shoes or outdoor sandals: leisure shoes from the Keen brand adapt perfectly to your individual movements and are therefore the ideal companion for a wide range of activities.While extensive hiking and trekking tours become a comfortable pleasure thanks to the lightweight design of Keen casual shoes for men and women, your little ones will enjoy flexible Keen casual shoes for children that are perfect for running, romping and splashing around in the playground.If you want to find out more about the individual models before you make your decision, our clever filter function will help you make your choice.First click on the desired category and then adjust the gender, size and area of use to your wishes.Choose between different uppers and linings, check out the availability of special soles and lasts, and finally pick a shoe colour that suits your personal style with just one click.

Keen hiking shoes: High functionality with an extra-lightweight design

Keen hiking shoes are characterised by their high functionality.The extra-lightweight construction of the outdoor shoes ensures that your feet don't tire so quickly, while the anatomically shaped footbed reinforces this effect and offers comfortable wear even over many hours.Equally stable and flexible are Keen leisure shoes for women , men and children are just as suitable for multi-hour day hikes as for short walks thanks to their non-slip rubber sole.To ensure high breathability, the uppers of the Keen casual shoes for children, women and men are made of equal parts robust leather and permeable mesh.This combination of materials has a supporting function in the ankle area, gives you a secure hold while hiking and reliably wicks away sweat.Last but not least, Keen casual shoes for men, women and children have a cushioned midsole, which has excellent shock absorption properties, as well as raised toe caps made of solid rubber, which protect the front of the foot from injuries and impacts caused by sharp stones or loose boulders.

Keen sandals: Good breathability with high stability

Keen sandals are made for the warm season because of their open construction.Without weighing you down, outdoor sandals combine the robustness of sturdy trekking shoes with the lightness of summer sandals and are reliable companions for sporting activities that take place in rising temperatures.Whether for a trekking excursion through the local summer forest, for a hiking trip through the holiday region or for a spontaneous trip to the children's fun pool: Keen leisure shoes for women, men and children are in walking online shop are available as open and semi-closed models that adapt perfectly to the respective conditions.

These details distinguish open and semi-closed outdoor sandals from each other:

While the open versions have rubberised toe caps and padded stays that securely enclose the ankle and toe area with the help of a practical Velcro fastener, the semi-closed sandals are equipped with additional leather straps and a quick lacing system that ensure maximum stability.

Keen casual shoes for men, women and children also offer you optimal grip thanks to the notched lug pattern on the outsole and keep you from slipping and sliding away even on rough terrain.Equally suitable for muddy forest trails and wet tar paths, these functional outdoor sandals will prepare you perfectly for your outdoor activities.

Walking Discover Keen casual shoes and matching hiking socks now.

In addition to Keen sandals, which can easily be worn barefoot in summer, you will also find hiking shoes in the Keen online online shop also offers functional hiking socks for your new Keen walking shoes.Whether for trekking, hiking or Nordic walking; for alpine mountain sports or as a universal outdoor sock for all activities: high-quality hiking socks from the brands Hanwag, Lowa, Meindl, UYN and X-Bionic support you with every step and score points thanks to their functional properties with optimal breathability.Specially reinforced sections in the heel, instep and toe areas offer you comprehensive protection against pressure points, effectively prevent chafing and counteract possible blister formation at an early stage.Discover now the variety of products offered in the hiking online shop and secure a pair of high-quality casual shoes including matching hiking socks for your next outdoor adventure.