Hanwag Winter Boots

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Hanwag winter boots - warm companions for cold days

Crystal-clear air, deep snow-covered landscapes and bright sunshine: ideal conditions for extended snow hikes and winter trekking tours. However, in order to fully enjoy your excursion into snow-covered nature, you should make sure you have warm and functional clothing. Good footwear in particular is indispensable on snow-covered and occasionally icy paths. Tried-and-tested classics for men and women are the Winter boots from Hanwag.

The Bavarian company has been manufacturing robust shoes and boots since 1921, which are popular with outdoor enthusiasts all over the world for their high-quality workmanship, excellent fit and high durability.In the online shop of Wanderschuhe.net we offer you a large selection of models from the Hanwag winter boot collection.These include absolute top sellers such as the traditional goat-stitched Grünten Winter, which is perfect for light winter hikes.Or the fashionable Räven II Lady, with which you cut a fine figure both at the Christmas market and on walks.Discover our Hanwag boot range now or learn more about the advantages of the warm winter footwear, what distinguishes the boots of the traditional brand and what you should definitely look out for when buying.

What distinguishes Hanwag winter boots for men and women?

The warm boots of the company from Vierkirchen near Munich combine traditional craftsmanship with technical innovations that make excursions in winter weather even more comfortable and safe.One of the most important components of winter boots is the sole.It must ensure reliable grip on ice and snow to prevent falls.For this purpose, Hanwag relies on the IceGrip sole for many of its winter models such as the Alaska Winter GTX or Fjäll Extreme GTX.The sole, which was specially developed for winter use, is made of a special rubber compound and contains the finest glass particles that act like sandpaper on smooth surfaces and literally cling to the ground.

Gore-Tex and G-LOFT FIT for dry and warm feet

To prevent moisture from penetrating the boot on snowy trails, almost all Hanwag boots such as the AOTEA II Lady or the Banks Winter rely on a Gore-Tex membrane.With its microscopically fine pores, this prevents water from getting inside the shoes.At the same time, the membrane allows moisture to escape easily from the inside to the outside.This guarantees a pleasant foot climate on longer tours.To prevent cold feet, the company equips some of its winter models, such as the Fjäll Extreme, with a removable thermal inner shoe with G-LOFT-FIT insulation, which reliably keeps feet warm even in arctic temperatures of -20 °C.Other models, such as the Räven II Lady, are equipped with cosy, warm lambskin lining against the cold.For good insulation against the cold of the ground, the company relies on an additional and partly removable thermal footbed in many winter boots.

Robust construction: goat-stitched or pinched

Last but not least, good winter boots are also characterised by their robust construction.For this reason, the German manufacturer still relies on the traditional goat-sewn manufacturing method for many of its boots.In this complex process, the sole and the upper are sewn together instead of being glued together, as is often the case.Another process that Hanwag uses for its winter boots is pinching.The upper is pulled over the insole, fixed and glued to it under very high pressure.Both the goat-sewn and the pinched construction guarantee a high level of durability for the Hanwag boots and allow them to be resoled without any problems if necessary.

Hanwag winter boots for men and women: The advantages at a glance

  • Non-slip outsoles for winter conditions (e. g.B.IceGrip)
  • Breathable and waterproof Gore-Tex membrane
  • Depending on the model, goat-sewn or gussetted construction
  • High-quality upper materials (e.g.B.Nubuck leather)
  • Attractive design
  • Warm insulation

Buying Hanwag winter boots: What to look out for before buying

Before buying winter boots, you should know where you prefer to wear them.As with hiking or trekking boots, there are also some differences between individual models of warm winter footwear.If you are looking for a winterproof boot for everyday wear that will accompany you on your way to work, on walks and light hikes in the snow, a model like the Araio Mid GTX is ideal.It combines a non-slip ATR outsole with distinctive hexagonal tread with a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane, packaged in a fashionable mix of fabric, nubuck and suede.A real all-rounder is the Räven II from Hanwag, which is available as a warm boot for men and women.With its high shaft, grippy IceGrip sole and cosy lambskin lining, the boot is the perfect companion at the Christmas market, on winter walks or even light hikes on snow-covered paths.Visually, the boot is a fashionable eye-catcher with its successful mix of brown nubuck leather and grey felt and can be combined with winter outfits in a variety of ways.

Hanwag winter boots for demanding hikes

For snowshoe hikes, trekking tours and expeditions, the demands on the boots are even higher.This is where Hanwag boots like the Alaska Winter GTX, the Fjäll Extreme GTX, the Abisko GTX and the Banks Winter GTX prove their qualities.They combine extra abrasion and slip-resistant outsoles with extra-strong insulation and robust uppers, so you can enjoy your outdoor adventures relaxed and safe.

Important: If you want to wear thick socks or your own insoles in your new winter boots, you should order them a half or full size larger.This ensures that the boots are not too tight at the heel and toes and that there are no pressure points or blisters on longer tours.

Hanwag winter boots for men and women order online - now at

With a Hanwag winter boots for women or men you can enjoy the cold season on long walks or adventurous hikes in deep snow.In our online shop you will find a large selection of warm and robust boots from the traditional brand, which you can order online and have conveniently delivered to your home.To find the perfect boots even faster, we offer you our practical filter function.Here you can select your size, desired colour and other features and have suitable models from our range displayed with one click.In addition to Hanwag winter boots for adults, we also offer a selection of high-quality Hanwag shoes for children.