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Do you like to spend your free time in the vertical or do you just want to start climbing or bouldering? Then our climbing and bouldering shoes are just the right thing for you: From comfortable all-round models for beginners to professional shoes for old hands on the wall, you can order different climbing and bouldering shoes online at low prices, including popular classic brands such as the Lowa Climbing shoes Parrot VRC and Rocket, which, thanks to high-quality materials and excellent workmanship, enable the best performance both indoors and outdoors.

Discover in our range now climbing shoes for men and women as well as unisex models that will accompany you both in the bouldering hall and on the rock face outdoors.In the following guide, we explain how to find the perfect climbing shoes for bouldering or climbing and what the differences are between models for beginners, advanced climbers and professionals.We also give you answers to the most important questions about climbing shoes for women and men.

Buy climbing shoes online: Which model suits me?

Climbing shoes are divided into all-rounders, advanced shoes and professional shoes (high-performance).Which shoe suits you best depends on your experience level.In the following we show you the differences between the individual categories:

Allrounder - comfortable shoes for beginners

An all-round climbing shoe offers a balanced mix of comfort and performance and is therefore particularly suitable for beginners and people who want to be comfortable on longer climbs.Allrounders are characterised by the following features, among others:

  • high wearing comfort
  • low preload
  • low downturn
  • medium-hard to hard midsole
  • thick rubber sole with little profile

Advanced - climbing and bouldering shoes for advanced climbers

For advanced climbing and bouldering fans, there are the shoes in the Adcanced category.They offer less comfort and place more emphasis on performance, as a look at their features shows:

  • moderate comfort
  • more preload
  • stronger downturn
  • thinner rubber sole
  • well adhering rubber compound

High-performance shoes for ambitious climbing and bouldering

High-performance shoes focus on the best possible performance.You should buy these climbing shoes if you already have many years of experience in the vertical and always want to achieve new best performances.Typical features of high-performance shoes are:

  • moderate comfort
  • aggressive preload
  • very strong downturn
  • thin rubber sole
  • strongly adhesive rubber compound

Downturn and pretension: What is behind the terms?

  • Downturn refers to the downward bend in the forefoot.The more pronounced the downturn, the more your toes are positioned and the better you are able to climb difficult routes.
  • Pretension refers to the tension in the heel area of the shoe, usually created by a thick rubber band.A strong pretension can be recognised from the side by a clear curvature of the heel.It brings advantages on very small-step routes, as the pre-tensioning allows more pressure to be exerted on the steps with the toes.

Climbing shoes: slip-on, lace-up or Velcro?

When you buy climbing shoes online, you can not only choose between different shapes and materials, but also different fastening options.You can choose between velcro, laces and slip-on shoes.In the following, we explain how the individual closure types differ from each other.

Climbing shoes with lacing: Models with lacing, such as the Rocket Lacing by Lowa, have the advantage that you can optimally adjust them to your foot shape.This leads to a better pedalling feel and less effort.The only disadvantage is that it takes longer to put on and take off the shoes.

Climbing shoes with Velcro: Lowa climbing shoes such as the Sparrow or Falco VCR are equipped with a Velcro fastener.Advantage: The climbing shoes can be put on and taken off quickly when bouldering.However, they cannot be fixed as precisely as a lace-up shoe, which is why they are particularly suitable for beginners.

Loafers: Just slip them on and start climbing - that's possible with loafers like Lowas Rocket Slip On.The shoes do not have a velcro fastener or lacing and only have a pull-on loop that helps you slip them on.If you want to buy slip-on climbing shoes, it is important to make sure that the size is perfect, because it is not possible to adjust these shoes later.

Frequently asked questions about climbing shoes

Time and again we receive questions from customers on topics such as the ideal size or shape of climbing shoes or the correct care.In the following, we have summarised the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How should a climbing shoe fit?

Climbing and bouldering shoes should fit as tightly as possible on the foot, but should never be uncomfortable to wear or even cause pain.Your toes in particular should fill the front of the shoes well, because this is the only way you can optimally apply pressure to the tip of your foot when bouldering or climbing.If this is not the case, you will be able to perform less precise kicks and the shoes will wear out more quickly.Tip: When buying climbing shoes, you can take this aspect into account by ordering the desired shoe model half a size smaller.

Which climbing shoes for which foot?

When buying climbing or bouldering shoes, you should pay attention not only to the size but also to the shape of the shoes.The choice of the ideal shoe shape depends on the shape of your feet.A distinction is made here between the following three foot shapes:

Egyptian: big toe is longer than the second toe
- Greek: big toe is shorter than the second toe
- Roman: big toe and second toe are about the same length

When buying, make sure that the last and toe box fit your foot shape well.By the way: If you have hallux valgus, you should take your time choosing the right shoe shape and try out different models.To counteract the protruding bones in the ball of the foot, we also recommend that you choose shoes with high pretension.The Lowa Rocket Lacing and X-Boulder climbing shoes are ideal, for example.

What is the best way to care for climbing shoes?

With good care, you can prevent premature wear and an unpleasant smell of your shoes.Below we have summarised some care tips from real bouldering and climbing professionals for you:

  • Stop odours: Let sweaty climbing or bouldering shoes dry in the fresh air and stuff them if necessary.with newspaper.If it is too late, you can clean the shoes inside and out with lukewarm water, a little soap and a brush.However, you should definitely do without the washing machine.Tip: A real odour killer is baking soda.If nothing else helps, just spread some of the powder in the shoes and leave it.
  • Helping the sole to have more grip: The sole is one of the most important components of climbing shoes.However, when bouldering or climbing, it can lose adhesion due to dirt.Use a brush and lukewarm water to remove the dirt and restore the adhesion of the soles.Tip: If the sole is roughened up from climbing, that's not a bad thing.You can carefully remove protruding rubber with fine sandpaper.
  • Prevent deformation: To prevent your climbing shoes from losing their shape, you should protect them from strong heat and direct sunlight.Otherwise the rubber of the sole can deform and the shoes will wear out more quickly.

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